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12-6 Blog – You Will Begin To Notice

One of the most memorable experiences from my initial training as a new AlphaGraphics owner involved the discussion of “substrates.” My trainer had prop to demonstrate at a high level the variety of papers my business would be handling. He also talked about the types of materials we would use to print signs while sharing that there would be additional education regarding that side of my new AlphaGraphics business. During this discussion, I realized silently that I had just entered a new industry with new vernacular I would have to learn quickly. It was both a little daunting and exciting, as I really like to learn. I chuckled when the trainer said that there would come a time when I would begin to notice in as I went about every day what substrate and printing technique had been used to produce a printed piece of paper or sign. That seemed so far away from reality given the number of choices of materials and techniques we would make available to our Clients. I admit today that the trainer was right, as I have begun assessing the quality of printed items I run across in real life, such as restaurant menus or yard signs! My experience along the steep learning curve showed me that one of the most critical functions we perform is to help our Clients by understanding what they are want to accomplish and using that knowledge to narrow the options available and help them arrive at the most efficient, economical decision. Yes, some of our Clients know exactly what they need, but most look to us to provide the best solution. I have a long way to catch up with the expertise of the great people who work in my Centers. Just a couple of days ago, I showed Ella, the Production Coordinator at our Dunwoody - Sandy Springs Center a tri-fold pamphlet we had received from a vendor. I had been impressed by the nice, heavy paper stock; she looked it over and told me that the pamphlet had an “obvious” flaw from when it has been produced. I looked at the item again closely, trying to figure out to what she was referring and could not see anything. Ella then pointed to the very edge of the item (think the width of a strand of hair), where a different color could be seen, betraying a mistake when the pieces were cut after being printed. This incident emphasized the need for quality control and pointed to how much remains for me to learn about this industry. But I have begun to notice!

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