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How to Combine Digital and Print for More Effective Marketing Campaigns

Print and digital marketing can be an amazing duo. For many businesses, digital marketing has been adopted as a top key marketing strategy, while some are saying PRINT IS DEAD. But in fact combining these two assets can really help create a more effective campaign for your business. Think of print as an extension of your digital marketing. Adding this touch will help make your campaigns go farther than just utilizing digital solely. AlphaGraphics La Grange-Oak Brook offers a wide variety of print options that can bring multi touch points through the campaign like, direct mail, fliers, brochures, sales fact sheets, catalogs, print ads and even business cards. Don’t forget about signage! Signage can make another huge impact on your marketing campaign. Continue reading to find out more about how to combine print and digital marketing!  

You’ve Got Mail!

During the pandemic you probably have received up to 50-100 emails a day in your inbox. Yikes! Makes one want to hit the unsubscribe button faster than getting through your morning cup of joe. Businesses are more than likely to see a better responses rate from a direct mail campaign than just sending a digital email. The response rates on direct mail are climbing and people love receiving mail, especially if its personalized. Keep this in mind! The stats are in and according to a survey done by Hubspot in 2019, the average email open rate was 20.94% but direct mail has an open rate of between 80-90%. Now take both digital and print marketing into consideration and you can gain the best open rate when combining these duos! You can boost your response rate up to 46%.  


There are 3 major steps when creating a direct marketing campaign. Those are list, offer and design. Follow these protocols:
  • target with your current client list
  • provide an offer that compels your audience to read and take action
  • have a mailer that is designed to intrigue people to read it
Targeted Mailer If you hit all 3 of those targets you are bound for success on a profitable and effective marketing campaign and on the right path to see ROI.  

Social Media, Website and Email

Want to engage your social channels even more? Incorporate your social media onto your printed marketing materials and direct your customer to those channels. By adding your social handles, customers are more likely to start following your content. Involve more by including a personalized hashtag to help join in the conversation #getmoreinvolved #ivoted2020

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Your website and email are a very crucial component of your digital strategy. If a customer wants to learn more about your company, they are most likely going to look at your web page. Try driving your customers to your web page by adding a QR code or shortened URL that can take them directly to certain pages on your site. To gain the most interest, have them directed right to your sign-up or contact page so they can fill out their information to get weekly or monthly emails. This will help to build your marketing list for future mailers or campaigns.  

The Final Word

Making sure you use the best marketing practices when combining digital and print marketing by making it relevant and valuable to your audience. All items whether digital or print needs to have a clear call to action. Make sure that action is clear and easy for your customer to follow. Eye catching designs, bright colors and cool fonts are all tied together to form brand cohesion. Want to go the extra step? Add special effects to the mailer like foil, embossing, laser cut outs or make the sensation with touch and do a suede, velvet, matte or glossy coating. Ready to take that leap to start your next digital and print marketing campaign? We are ready to help you from points A to Z! Contact us today to get a marketing mailer in those inboxes and mailboxes! Contact the Marketing Team @ 708.482.4488 or AlphaGraphics La Grange is located at 712 E. Elm Ave in La Grange. IL 60525

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