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How to Leverage Signage for Marketing Your Business

“We’re open!” “SALE” “Grand Opening” “We are open for CARRY OUT!”  Everywhere you look it’s hard not to see signage. Every business has some sort of message or advertisement that they are trying to let the consumer, know about their business. This is how we interact with our consumers. We expose you to the message, you react to that sign, which then drives you to the store or product.  That is why it’s very import to have the right signage for success.

Signage Is Important for Any Type of Business

A sign can play many roles for your business. Don’t look at it as just an advertising or branding piece, make it a powerful and statement marketing tool. Use these tips and tricks when choosing the right signage:
  • Entice, Inform and Direct your customer to the action
  • Promote, intrigue, attract the attention
  • Educate and expose customer to your brand
  • Strengthen the brand awareness and recognition
Make sure your signage sends a good message as this promotes your brand and company standards. A customer will draw conclusions based on how it looks and the message they see. Poor signage will spark a lackluster feel and lower customer’s expectations of your business. Good signage is vital and especially important!

Add Signage to Your Marketing Strategy

In the digital world we live in, when we are out in the physical world, you cannot avoid signage…its everywhere you turn! Your customer can’t send your signage to spam or unsubscribe (Yah!) from it. It is always there and always visible. Think about your signage as an additional touch to your marketing. You may be reaching an audience that you normally don’t reach through other channels. Do not forget that where you place your signage and when, can bring awareness, drive traffic and ignite more sales!

Grab Their Attention

Tips on how to attract your customers eyes onto your signage:
  • Simple! Keep your message to no more than seven words.
  • Make text visible and large to see from afar.
  • Color scheme-stick to brand colors but make sure its easy on the eyes.
  • Contrast between colors, text, and background colors to ensure legibility.
  • Make sure brand identity, copy, images, and CTA stay consistent.

What Type of Signage Is Right for Your Business?

When it comes to picking the right style, you really cannot go wrong. Here at AlphaGraphics La Grange-Oak Brook we can help you choose the style that fits your business’s brand identity. Look at all the different options or visit our signage website here: Signage Banners  Flags  Backlight Graphics Wall and Floor Graphics 3 Dimensional Signage Vinyl Wraps Outdoor Banner Remember all signage is customizable to your brand and image. Do you need help designing signage? One of our full-time graphic designer can help bring your creation to life. Contact your local Sales Rep Karen Schnell @ to discuss how we can get a signage project started for you today! Give us a call at 708.482.4488

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