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4 Ways for Your Business to Support the Community

The last year has taught us all about coming together (6 feet apart of course) and giving back to our local community. Whether that was ordering take out from your favorite restaurant, curb side pick up from your local retail store, banging on pots and pans for our local healthcare heroes or in general supporting your local small businesses. You were being actively involved with your community and you were creating long-lasting benefits. Take a look at four ways how you can use your brand to engage and support your local community right now.

Celebrate Milestones!

By celebrating milestone moments, you can humanize your brand and deepen the connection with your community. Think about what is happening in your community month to month. Seniors graduating from high school/college, athletic events, birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries. Can’t forget about our local heroes like healthcare workers, firefighter/police, veterans, teachers, parents, and anyone on the call of duty that is going above and beyond! Spread the positivity and be apart of the celebration. Wondering how to make these moments special? Use storefront signage, customized banners and flags, yard signs, window clings, and sidewalk signs for all customers to see. Try to do fun giveaways in your store like pens, stickers, and postcards to spread the message. These actions are a sure way to be a tangible reminder about your brand and the trust you have shown.  

Be a Sponsor!

Most businesses need a little extra support. By becoming a sponsor at a local event or cause that is near and dear to your community, it can also help get your brand in front of potential customers. There are a lot of different ways to help like becoming a sponsor for a local kid’s baseball team where you would have the opportunity to place your logo on the uniforms or banners in the fields. Don’t forget about sponsoring nonprofits, clubs, fundraisers and community events. Once you donate, they will ask for your logo so it can be included in their advertisements of the event, promo items, signage, and printed materials.  

Share your Knowledge!

Look for opportunities to engage with the local community by showing them what you are skilled in. Doesn’t matter your industry, think of unique ways to connect with them. This will help build credibility, educate, engage potential customers and get your brand positioned as a industry thought leader. Here’s some examples: virtual workout classes, DIY projects, cooking classes or tutorials. Maybe you want to give advice to graduating seniors about tips and tricks with interviewing or maybe you want to do a webinar series on gardening how-to. Get connected virtual or in store with these knowledge based activities!

Partner Up!

Two is always better than one, right? Find a business that would complement your business or service and team up! Bounce around ideas that could drum up business and get both of your brands out to potential customer and your community. Think of a joint promotion or offer that would benefit by a “shopping local” campaign and you can even share fliers and coupons to drive traffic to each business. This also allows you to network with other owners and key members of the community. What a perfect combination of extra exposure and strength to the community as a whole.

Now Go Support!

As a local business owner, you know its important to have your presence in your community. Your community and businesses will come out stronger when we support each other during these difficult times. Although it will bring an opportunity for brand recognition, it will also build a loyal customer base and a positive impact by being involved with your local community. [caption id="attachment_112" align="alignright" width="300"]La Grange Community We support our local businesses in La Grange[/caption] AlphaGraphics La Grange - Oak Brook loves being apart of local events and causes. Just like our customers that support us, we love to give back to them. Find out how we can help get the word out about your event with mailing campaigns, postcards, signage and printed material. Click on the word to find out more information. Connect with us on social platforms like Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. 708.428.4488 or email

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