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Why You Should Keep Your Branding Consistent Across the Customer Journey

Do you have a loyal customer following for your brand? Loyal customers are the bread and butter to your brand and help refer you to friends/family and help grow your customer base. Make sure you are putting your best foot forward by taking these steps into consideration.

Customer Journey with your Brand

Here are the following stages of the customer journey:
  • Awareness- this is when your customer has a need and starts the awareness of your brand.
  • Discovery- when your customer begins the research on you to see if you can fulfill that need, they will compare you to other companies and their offerings.
  • Purchasing decision- customer decides to go with you or not.
  • Retention- you are continuing to engage with that customer in hopes they return to purchase in the future.
  • Advocacy- the customer becomes loyal to your brand and then encourages others to shop with you.

Keep Branding Consistent

Research says it takes about 6-8 interactions for your customer to purchase from your brand. By keeping your branding consistent, this makes all the touchpoints your customer has of you, fresh in their memory. Try to lead your customer on a positive experience to help ensure they aren’t confused by inconsistent branding or messaging during their journey, so it keeps building more recognition and trust.  

Let’s Talk About Building That Consistent Branding


Whatever platform you are promoting your business make sure your branding is clear and establish who you are and what you are offering. Always include your business name and logo. Use messaging that your customer will understand and that it aligns with your brand’s voice and style.


Customers will start to research your brand online to learn more about you and what you have to offer. Keep the design, color palette, fonts, imagery, and logos consistent on all platforms that you promote your business. Make sure you are paying attention to customer reviews. Always respond to both positive and negative comments in your standard voice. Customer’s love to see real-time interaction from the owner of the company, makes it feel very real and not like a robot responded.

Purchasing Decision

When a customer purchases from you, its your turn to make them feel like they made the best decision. Carry your branding through out the store to maximize your customer’s experience. The overall design and signage should match the branding that is on your website and digital platforms. Make sure you have wall and floor graphics, point of sale signage, business cards, brochures and window displays to set the experience off when the customer enters your store. For outside use banners, flags, window graphics and sidewalk signs to entice the customer inside. Don’t forget about packaging- pay attention to the colors and design of product and shipping boxes, shopping bags and maybe even ribbon.


The customer purchased from you, yes! But that doesn’t stop there. Follow up with the customer after their shopping experience, maybe send them a hand written note thanking them for coming in. You should have gotten their email address or actual home address, so now is the time to send out a digital newsletter or an offer in a direct mail campaign. These are all efforts to keep reinforcing your brand to the customer.

Start Building that Brand Experience

Now that you have the tips and tricks, start making great customer experiences with your strong branding. Here at AlphaGraphics La Grange- Oak Brook we are always ready to help you take the next step. Reach out to us and one of our sales rep would love to chat more about any aspect of your business journey. Need more inspiration, check out our website here Give us a ring here: 708.482.4488 or email us here: Instagram  ·    Facebook    ·   LinkedIn  

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