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How to Create a Brand Experience Using Print and Signs

Look around you. Most likely there is a piece of printed material laying on your desk or a company sign is hanging close by. Print and signs are a part of day to day lives, they help distinguish ideas, direct and inform us. We interact with printed materials and signage daily, and you may not realize how much you do. For a business, that is how we inform and interact with our customers and their experience with our business. This helps make a brand more memorable, make deeper connections, and builds trust. It might be the printed menu at the local bakery, a sidewalk sign telling you about a sale at a boutique or maybe it’s the yard sign in your front yard promoting a service that a company just did at your house. It's everywhere you look. Let’s chat about how to optimize your printed material and signage to help you GET NOTICED & GET BUSINESS…. a slogan that we truly live by! [caption id="attachment_10" align="aligncenter" width="300"]GET NOTICED, GET BUSINESS AlphaGraphics Logo[/caption]

Stand Out to Make the Connection

Everyday you see thousands of messages and some of those messages stand out! Take the next step and make sure your message is being seen, heard, and taken action from. Make sure to appeal directly to your target customer. You need to- grab their attention and hold it. Include messaging about what your customer values and challenges they face. With targeted messaging on print materials and signage you start to open the possibilities to create a more meaningful connection. Think about your local oil change business. The owner knows that you want quick and efficient service. So, the owner would use signage like flags, yard signs or sidewalks signs to promote “QUICKEST OIL CHANGE IN TOWN” and then maybe he offers you a printed coupon to thank you and to come back for your next oil change, which you know you will leave in your car.  This is a great example of can’t miss messaging that makes the customer look, pay attention and take action. [caption id="attachment_184" align="aligncenter" width="244"]Signage Signage[/caption]

Customer Experience with Your Messaging

Print and signs go hand in hand with each other. They set up the customer for the most immersive brand experience. Let’s walk you through a customer’s experience. You drive by a new coffee shop and noticed their large storefront logo and a flag out front telling you “ Grand Opening!”. You decide to try them out (always support locally owned businesses!) So, you follow their branded signs to the parking lot. You enter the shop which has their logo and hours on the door and see the sign where to place your order- “Order Here”. Deciding what you want as you glaze over the large menu board on the wall behind the counter, you notice a pop up banner to your left- “Try the New Vanilla Bean Latte!” and you think that sounds perfect. While you wait for your drink to be made, you see that they have a Rewards Card, so you grab it and stick it your pocket for next time, oh and they have a "Take Out Menu", you will want that for later too- you grab that as well. The barista hands you the perfectly crafted coffee and you see the branded cardboard sleeve around the cup- how cool! Look at all these opportunities that your customer just experienced! [caption id="attachment_185" align="aligncenter" width="240"]Signage Signage[/caption] [caption id="attachment_186" align="alignright" width="234"]Signage Signage[/caption] Now think about how your customer walks into your store daily. Think about all the ways you can – reach and be seen by your customer. Take a few minutes and play the customer role for your store. Get in your car and drive past your storefront-what does the customer see? Now walk into the store- how many signs or printed materials can the customer be engaging with? We think you would be surprised at how much they can experience and if you don’t feel like there are any opportunities- then reach out to us and we can make a plan for you! Here at AlphaGraphics La Grange- Oak Brook we are always ready to help you take the next step. Reach out to us and one of our sales rep would love to chat more about any aspect of your business journey. Need more inspiration, check out our website here Give us a ring here: 708.482.4488 or email us here: Instagram  ·    Facebook    ·   LinkedIn

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