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4 New Ways to Connect with Customers in 2022

The new year is almost upon us and it’s time to start thinking about a fresh start. Let’s explore some new ideas that you can take into the new year with your business. Check out these top ideas below.  

Interactive Print

During the pandemic, the QR code took a step up to the plate. An almost forgotten item, we saw businesses incorporating these into safer alternatives like codes to menus at restaurants. Now businesses are getting savvy with the codes and using them in place of full length websites and it helps bring a digital life of your brand and traffic to your website.  

Short-Form Videos

Ever heard of Tik-Tok or Reels on Instagram? Making a 30-45 sec video of your product to help tell your brand story or showcase the products and services your offer. A plus about this, is that you will come across more relatable and authentic to your potential customers. Take a whirl at it, you never know, you might just go viral!  

Local Marketing/ Advertising

Consumers have started to grow weary of traditional marketing methods, so they are turning to their local Google pages, NextDoor and even Facebook pages to review a company. Here they can find hours of operation, safety requirements, customer reviews and other business minded details about company. Make sure you are on all these platforms to make your company visible on all levels. Take a printing approach with local marketing and do a Every Door Direct Mailer in your local area. This allows you to reach all residents in a zip code. By doing so, this can indicate that you know and understand your community and build trust with your audience.  

Content and Influence Marketing

In todays savvy world, content marketing is skyrocketing in popularity. By doing so, make sure content is interesting and entertaining to your customers and relevant to your brand. Don’t be overly promotional, give them content that is useful and knowledgeable. Tap into influencer marketing by partnering up with a local influencer or a loyal customer to help bring brand awareness to your pages and company. In return for them posting about your products or service you can offer them special discounts or free items for their help.  

Make your Marketing Stand Out in 2022

Let AlphaGraphics be your partner in bring these fun and simple steps to your business in 2022! Give us a call 708.482.4488 or emails us

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