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Print Ready or Not: Preparing Graphics for Print

We’ve all had those moments in our overbooked day when you’ve forgotten something important. Like the car keys after you’ve locked up the house to go on vacation, or whose turn it was to pick up the kids from the sitter's. Yeah, those things are embarrassing, but fortunately, they can be resolved and usually forgotten. When you are putting a package together to deliver to your printer, be sure you’ve included all your elements in the correct formats, thus avoiding any embarrassment and creating a memorable product. Photographs that are going to be duplicated and enlarged need to be high resolution – 600 or 1200 PPI (pixels per inch) is best. And try using TIFs whenever possible, they haven’t been compressed and provide the best resolution. Which means that newspaper print of Great Aunt Dazie’s photo from her Ziegfeld days will not reproduce very well as a wall poster. Just remember - More pixels, better pictures. Business cards are meant to be given away like mints, but they make lousy resources for graphics. When you need to print your logo, provide the files your graphic artist gave you which could be a PDF or an EPS. Both of these file types can be manipulated by people in the know, like the designers at AlphaGraphics, and will look crisp and clear when printed. The note you scrawled on that cocktail napkin may not be easy to read in the daylight - clean up your thoughts on a blank sheet. Copy or text provided digitally can easily be duplicated and enhanced which will speed your printing process along. And keep your deadline in mind. The more lead time you have for your printed project the better, but we also do well with magically quick turnarounds when the need arises. You bring us the package and we’ll provide you with the goods. To learn more about how AlphaGraphics of New Bern can produce and design your next project, you may email us, request a quote or call us at (252) 633-3199.

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