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Reach Distracted Consumers with Floor Graphics

In this day and age, it’s becoming increasingly common to see people checking their smartphones while out in public.

Pew Research performed a study that found that the average American spends around 5 hours a day looking at their cell phone. People on cell phonesWhile the average person may get annoyed at how distracted people on their phones get while out in public, marketers are taking full advantage of this trend. People tend to gaze downwards when looking at their cell phone. If you’re looking to market or advertise your services or products, there’s no better place to put a floor graphic ad than on the actual floor. We’re going to look at what floor graphics are, the benefits they offer, and how you can use them to help increase awareness, drive sales, and customers.

What are Floor Graphics?

Floor graphics are non-slip vinyl stickers that adhere to the ground with either permanent or temporary adhesive. Due to advances in printing technology, such as the state-of-the-art printers that AlphaGraphics in New Bern uses, floor graphics can be created with extremely life-like images and stunning colors. Vinyl floor graphics are a 2-billion-dollar industry in the U.S., and that number is growing year over year. It’s become very popular as a point-of-sale advertising medium that helps encourage and stimulate new sales. People naturally look where they are walking, and it’s almost impossible for someone to miss a brightly colored floor graphic that’s right under their foot. They’re also very versatile and can be placed on virtually any surface such as mall and retail store floors, elevators, and even outside parking lots!

Floor Decals Are Flexible and Cost-Effective

Compared to other forms of advertising signage, floor graphics offer an extremely high ROI due to their low cost. They’re very easy to set up and take down, and when utilized in high traffic areas such as mall, conventions and retail store floors, they can get upwards of tens of thousands of impressions on a daily basis. They can be printed with almost any logo or graphic and cut to nearly any size or shape that you can imagine. They can also be laminated with a slip-resistant coating which creates for a risk-free marketing tool. The International Journal of Business and Management put out a study in 2014 that found that floor ads can be directly linked to upwards of 30 percent of all sales in any given store.

Floor Marketing Attracts Attention

Floor DecalsThe vast majority of people have seen at least one-floor graphic in their lifetime. Major corporations usually use them at airports, train stations, and malls. They’re especially effective during certain times of the year when foot traffic is heavier than usual. Smaller brick and mortar retail stores have been slower to adopt this advertising medium which means that whenever someone sees a floor graphic, it’s something new and novel to them. A floor is the last place someone would expect to see an advertisement. Unlike billboards, flat screen LED t.v.’s blaring out advertising messages, and paid online advertising, floor graphics are relatively unique to most people. This means that you will have their undivided attention.

Multiple Advertising Opportunities

The best thing about floor graphics is that they can be installed almost anywhere, and due to their unique removable adhesive, they won’t damage or mar the floor. This means that the average business owner can reach out to other businesses to see how much they would charge to allow the placement of a floor ad for a period. Many brick-and-mortar businesses in America are placing floor ads in such places as:
  • Local malls
  • Airports
  • Train stations
  • Public squares
  • Convention centers
  • Casinos
  • Swap meets/Farmer’s Markets
Because floor graphics can be installed by anyone, the overall cost is much less than taking out a billboard or having custom signage created and mounted. They can also be designed with a permanent or temporary adhesive which offers more mounting flexibility.

Floor Graphics Marketing in New Bern

If you’re looking for a low cost, powerful advertising medium that will attract the attention of whoever sees it, there’s no better signage than a custom floor graphic. If you’re interested in learning more or need help designing the perfect graphic, give us a call today. To learn more about how AlphaGraphics of New Bern can produce and design your next project, you may email us, request a quote or call us at (252) 633-3199.

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