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5 Bad Social Media Habits You Need to Stop Immediately

Almost every business nowadays has one or more social media profiles they manage on an ongoing basis.

Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or a combination thereof, companies are regularly trying to grow and engage their audiences via their social media account. “Trying” being the keyword. The truth of the matter is that many businesses in the New Bern area are having trouble with creating social media content that drives new subscribers and increases audience engagement. They often find themselves posting the same ‘ol content that nobody really reacts to or “likes.” But it has to be working – right? Not exactly. If your subscriber count isn’t growing and if your audience isn’t participating in the conversation, you need to up your social media game. We’re going to show you five things that you’re probably doing wrong that are harming your social media efforts.

Blatant Self-Promotion

When Facebook and Twitter were relatively new, there were no “best practices” to follow. You could post anything you want, and the masses would rejoice and like your Facebook page. During these early years, companies regularly posted self-promotional content that offered little to no value. As time went on, people grew tired of this and they stopped paying attention to this in-your-face type of self-promotion. After all, why should someone react to a social media account that continually promotes itself and brings nothing to the conversation? This is why companies in 2019 need to walk a fine line between what is and what isn’t considered “too much” when it comes to self-promotion. A self-promoting post is okay now and then. But when that’s all you’re posting to Facebook, it gets real old, real fast. Change it up by offering valuable content to your audience.

No Added Value

Social Media UsersSocial media posts that offer little to no value will not grow nor cause their audience to participate in the conversation. For example, if a plumber were to just post his contact info to Facebook while saying “call me if you need a plumber,” chances are people will either ignore or unlike his page. But what if the plumber created a short 5-minute video on how to unclog a kitchen sink or perform routine home plumbing maintenance? Now that’s something people will watch, like, and talk about! Offering value to your audience encourages them to participate in the conversation, and it keeps your brand fresh in their eyes.  

Robotic Sounding Posts

If your social media posts are rife with grammatical errors, a monotonous tone of voice, and devoid of any human emotion, it looks terrible upon your brand. Stop the corporate-speak. Use short sentences every now and then. Run your content through a free service like Grammarly to proof your writing. Inject some personality into your posts. Occasionally, add a much longer sentence that offers a complete thought. This is how you liven up your writing and keep an audience engaged. Not everyone is a Wordsmith and if you find yourself struggling to create engaging content – perhaps it’s time to talk to a professional New Bern social media company?

Duplicate Posts

If your company has more than one social media account, and you regularly post the same content to both accounts, stop it immediately. There’s an excellent chance that many of your audience members and fans subscribe to more than one of your social media accounts. When they see the same stuff posted twice, they tend to unlike or ignore one or both accounts. Instead, try to change up the content you post ever so slightly. Maybe include a new thought, or a couple of sentences tacked onto the end of that Tweet that you’re about to repurpose and post on Facebook. Tailor the message to the primary desired demographic on each social media site and watch how engagement will grow!

Deleting Negative Comments

When you ignore or delete valid negative comments or constructive criticism, you’re letting your audience know that you could care less about their concerns. Don’t take these kinds of things personally as it will only backfire. If someone has a valid concern or has experienced a negative experience with your product or service, take the time to publicly engage them in a calm and professional mannerism. By doing so, you’ll not only retain a customer or client, but you will show other audience members that you really care about customer service. This will help increase trust in both your brand and your business.

Social Media Management in New Bern

If you have any questions, would like to learn more about our design services, or you’d like to speak to someone regarding the ongoing management of your social media accounts, give us a call. At AlphaGraphics New Bern, we have helped countless local businesses manage and grow their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. To learn more about how AlphaGraphics of New Bern can produce and design your next project, you may email usrequest a quote or call us at (252) 633-3199.

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