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How to Increase Online Engagement with Direct Mail Marketing

As the costs of paid online advertising continue to rise, many New Bern businesses are rediscovering the benefits of direct mail.

In addition to being a powerful and cost-effective marketing tool, it can also help accentuate and improve online engagement metrics. Direct mail is the ideal conduit that will allow you to grow your subscriber list, offer a more cohesive brand experience, and encourage offline prospects to go online. We want to share with you five ways that you can add value to your online digital marketing efforts through direct mail.

Interactive Direct Mail

Industry experts are reporting that they expect both spend and usage of video to increase in 2020. It’s no wonder why many businesses focus a great deal of effort on creating content that will help their customers better connect with their brand. You can encourage more video views by adding a QR code to your direct mail piece. Recipients can open the camera app on their cell phone and get instantly redirected to your video page, where it will supplement the marketing message on the direct mailer. The video you create should enhance and build upon the marketing message in your mailer. You could use the direct mailer as a teaser and the video as the payoff. By experimenting with different marketing messages, you’ll find the one that helps you achieve your goals.

Multiple Landing Pages

Having an online landing page for a direct mail campaign is a must nowadays. It’s where you can further qualify leads and get them into the funnel. Why limit it to direct mail recipients? You can increase the response rates by creating two landing pages.  One for direct mail and the other for the subscribers of your social media channels and website viewers. Carefully monitor your campaign while it’s running and look where the majority of viewers are coming from. This will allow you to create better future campaigns by targeting those viewers who respond best to your marketing message.

Social Media Icons

The best way to get the word out about your social media pages is to put their URLs and icons on your printed marketing materials. Business cards, postcards, and any other marketing colleterial that you will include in your direct mailings should consist of an easy way for people to view your social media profiles. Don’t forget to add a noticeable call-to-action, such as “Like our Facebook Page to stay on top of the latest news and promotions.” Throughout your direct mail campaign, you’ll find that your social media audience will start to grow at a faster rate. Just be sure to deliver on any promises and have a content marketing plan in place to retain your new audience members.

Enable Social Media Sharing

When a direct mail campaign recipient visits your landing page and consumes the content, give them the ability to share it with their friends on social media. You can add a “Like” button for Facebook or “Tweet This” for Twitter. You might be surprised at how many people will share content that they find valuable and relevant. Keep in mind that sharing only occurs when you give them something of interest. Don’t expect them to share content that they don’t find valuable. This especially holds true when you’re running a shotgun approach to direct mail and are targeting people blindly. You’re more likely to get people to share when your audience is segmented, and your message is highly targeted.

Contests and Coupons

Contests and coupons are another great way to grow your social media audience through direct mail. You can accomplish this by creating a dedicated landing page that requests the visitor to “Like” or “Follow” your social media profile to discover new coupons or deals. 

Direct Mail Help in New Bern

Direct Mail provides you with an excellent opportunity to grow your online engagement and create a cohesive brand experience through your off and online marketing efforts. At AlphaGraphics of New Bern, we’re much more than a print shop.  To learn more about how AlphaGraphics of New Bern can produce and design your next project, you may email usrequest a quote or call us at (252) 633-3199.

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