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5 Tips to Help Welcome Your New Bern Employees Back to the Office

As the country slowly starts to re-open from the pandemic, many New Bern employers are looking at the possibility of having their employees return to the office at some point this year. 

Considering how businesses had to make a few adjustments to allow remote work, coming back into the office will require just as much intelligent forethought. This helps ensure the safety and comfort of employees and a smooth transition. Read on to learn more about the five ways you can prepare to welcome your employees back to your New Bern office. These tips will provide peace of mind to your workers and help them quickly adjust after a year of working from home.

Redecorate Your Office Interior

Dust off the proverbial (and literal) cobwebs of your workspace and liven it up a bit. Considering how many people are suffering from “pandemic fatigue,” an office redesign will provide your employees with something to look forward to. No, you don’t need to knock down walls and perform an expensive remodel—simple things, such as wall graphics, window graphics, and floor graphics, offer an affordable yet dramatic way of providing your employees with a welcoming environment.

Spruce Up Visitor Areas

Re-opening your office or business isn’t just for employees—your customers and clients will start to trickle in for in-person meetings. Take a few to redecorate your visitor areas. Interior dimensional graphics, framed art, and frosted glass can make visitors feel more welcome. It will also help strengthen the relationship of your clients and customers with your brand. Considering how it’s been well over a year since they’ve set foot in your office, the proper branding will provide them with a positive experience and serve to remind them of why they do business with you.

Employee Comfort Levels

Different people have different comfort levels nowadays when it comes to going out in public and returning to their pre-pandemic routines. Keep this in mind when you start planning everyone’s return to the office. For example, some of your employees could still be a bit wary of in-person meetings and being around their co-workers. It’s advisable to provide them with a way to still adhere to the social distancing rules. Exterior Floor GraphicsYou can achieve this through social distancing signage as it will show your workers that you understand and care about their health and safety. It will also remind people to continue to practice good hygiene, such as washing their hands or staying home if they feel sick.

Build Some Excitement!

Many people’s morale and mental health have been negatively affected by dealing with the pandemic and country-wide shutdown. Simply telling your employees to report back to the office on Monday morning probably isn’t the best way to go about re-opening your offices. You can help ease this transition by providing them with adequate advance notice and building upon the excitement with a branded welcome back box. You can fill it with office supplies, mini-Bluetooth speakers, or even hand sanitizer and masks. It’s a great way to welcome your employees back while letting them know you value them.

Maintain a Good Attitude

Regardless of when you re-open this year, it will take some of your employees longer than others to re-adjust. A “re-opening game plan” that’s shared with your managers and considers the needs and comfort levels of all your employees can go a long way towards helping them re-adjust while improving morale. Remind your workers of the good things that returning to the office will provide them, such as enhanced creativity, convenience, collaboration, and problem-solving. Many people who have been working from home over the past year miss the camaraderie of their fellow employees—it’s lonely working from the living room of your home!

Signage and Marketing Help in New Bern

Re-opening your office and welcoming employees back requires a little bit of intelligent forethought. By adding some signs and taking into consideration the comfort levels of returning workers, you’ll find that it will allow for a smooth transition as possible At AlphaGraphics of New Bern, we can provide you with ideas and services to assist with your office re-opening. To learn more about how AlphaGraphics of New Bern can produce and design your next project, you may email usrequest a quote, or call us at (252) 633-3199.

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