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New Bern Parking Lot Signage Guide

Signs are the unsung heroes of the New Bern parking lot.

While many people take them for granted, parking lot signage offers a wide range of benefits that improve safety, increase customer/client happiness, and allow open access to emergency vehicles. If you haven’t updated your parking lot signage in a while, take a few minutes to go outside and inventory your lot. Are your signs readable—or are they faded and worn? Are cars going over the speed limit, or do pedestrians have a safe place to cross? Read on to learn more about the fascinating world of parking lot signage and the value they’ll add to your New Bern business or organization.

The Benefits of Parking Lot Signage

Clear, easy-to-read, and updated parking lot signage offers tremendous benefits, such as: Increased Safety—Traffic accidents occur regularly in parking lots, and posted signage can help prevent them by creating a structured way of navigating the lot for both cars and pedestrians. Older People—Senior citizens can sometimes have eyesight issues. If your signage is old, cracked, or non-existent, it’s essential to upgrade to newer and more visible ones. Less “Accidental” Towing Incidents—The errant tow truck is never far behind people who “accidentally” park in handicapped or no parking zones. This often infuriates the customers—especially if the no-go areas don’t have clear signage. Improved wayfinding—While car and GPS apps can lead customers to their destination, they still have to find the right store or office. Ensure that your parking lot has easy-to-read wayfinding signage that will allow people to navigate the lot by eyesight much easier.

Types of Parking Lot Signs

There are many types of signs that you can and should add to your New Bern parking lot: Emergency Signage—In the event of an emergency, proper signage can help the first responders get to where they need to go.  No Parking Signs—There are many different areas of the parking lot where you can install “No Parking” signage:
  • In the back alley
  • Fire hydrants
  • Loading/unloading zones
  • Trash bins
Yield and Stop Signs—One of the main reasons accidents regularly occur in parking lots is the lack of yield and stop signs. Stand outside for a few minutes and watch the traffic flow of your lot—you’ll begin to notice where a stop or yield sign could improve safety. Disabled Signage—It’s crucial to have disabled signage—not just from an Americans with Disabilities Act point-of-view—but rather these types of signs will help disabled people get to their intended destination safely.  Speed Limit Signs—Speed limit signs aren’t just for parking lots—many apartments and condo complexes have tiny roads where it’s tempting for residents to speed. Clearly posted speed limit signs will help improve overall safety. Business Signs—In situations where parking spaces are at a premium, it makes sense to divide them amongst the businesses. Business Signs will let their patrons know exactly where they can and can’t park. Pedestrian Signage—Don’t let your parking lot get a reputation for pedestrians getting run over by cars—pedestrian signage will let people know where it is safe to cross over to get inside the building.

Parking Lot Sign Materials

You have a wide range of material options when it comes to designing your new parking lot signs: LED signage—LED signs are great for both night and daytime usage. Due to their illuminated nature, they command the attention of both pedestrians and motorists. The only downside is that they require a power source—and that could limit their placement based on the layout of your lot. A Frame SignA-Frames—Alternatively known as sidewalk signs or sandwich signs, A-frames work exceptionally well for exterior temporary signage. Aluminum—If you’re looking for a durable material that is also rust-proof, look no further than aluminum.  Plastic—Plastic signage is another option for temporary signage. Coroplast and PVC are just two of the many materials you can use to promote parking lot safety and wayfinding. 

Parking Lot Signage in New Bern

Having good parking lot signage means taking inventory of what you currently have and then looking for a way to improve safety, wayfinding, and the overall customer experience. At AlphaGraphics of New Bern, we’ve helped countless local businesses design, improve, and create their parking lot signage. We will sit down with you, listen to your goals, and then develop a game plan that will put your business on the right track for success. To learn more about how AlphaGraphics of New Bern can produce and design your next project, you may email usrequest a quote, or call us at (252) 633-3199.

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