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How to Help Businesses by Ordering Online

As a small business owner or even as a large corporate, we have all had bad months before. Some of us have even had bad years! But never have we all – as a human race – faced such a mass impact all at the exact same time. This is a situation none of us (unless you had Harry Potter as your financial advisor) could have planned for. Just last week I was showing our beautiful and unique city off to one of my friends visiting. There was still so much to see that he promised to come back soon. I hope that happens sooner rather than later and that this time of isolation will pass quickly so we can spend time with those close to our hearts. Anyway, on the last day of his visit, it was time for him to taste the best BBQ on the planet at one of our local restaurants. As always, I am so proud when the places I show off also print with us. With big smiles, a new memory and taste buds in bliss, we are about to leave when I see a really interesting logo embroidered on one of the other patron’s shirts at the table behind us. First off – you cannot miss the man as he is literally a giant and I am amazed again at the fact that everything is bigger in Texas…… Since we also do quite a bit of branded clothing at our store, I notice nice personalized clothing probably more than the usual person. My memory is also attached to visuals and I always have my phone in hand to take a quick snap of something I want to remember. So out comes the phone and I ask if I could take a picture of his shirt. As y’all know, we are friendly folks here in Cowtown and always happy to take half an hour for a quick chat. My curiosity was well rewarded with an invite to come to his restaurant next week and taste some more wonders of Fort Worth. My heart sank on Monday when one of our other customers told me this family owned restaurant is now closed – not just for the period of isolation, but for good. They simply could not financially weather any closure. How can we help small business in our community and try preventing this from happening to more places like my giant with the interesting logo? We have tried to be as innovative and out-of-the-box thinking as possible to do our part. We have initiatives to try and spread the word in a previous blog with free posters and handouts available to everyone in our community that wants them. We have free posters for small business that are still open for curbside service – contact us to arrange for these to get to you via email or call us. We have various links for online ordering with us here as well, just click on the links to see how we can still serve you. Many of us have reservations about shopping online amid a pandemic. Is it safe for you to get deliveries? Are you increasing exposure and spread with online shopping? Are the people packaging, shipping and delivering in danger? Are you adding to the strain on the delivery system? What is the best way you can support those businesses that do need help? How will businesses still be around after this if we don’t all keep them in mind? On a personal level, I am very mindful of where I spend my dollar these days. I think of local, small businesses for everything I need or want in my day. Support your local artist or designer – ask them what they have on offer we can print for you. There is always time and place to add something beautiful in your home or business. Update the signage in your business with inspirational quotes while you are closed. We can install floor, wall and window graphics even when you are closed. Buy gift cards you can redeem when all this is over. Get some personalized note cards and envelopes with an embossed logo of your own from us to send out. What better time to write a message by hand to send? Send out printed postcards, a letter or something personalized from our promotional product store – words of encouragement and prayers are needed now. Visit small businesses like us in our community online and see what they have on offer or call them to hear what they can still do for you. You might find that hearing from you, their most valuable asset, makes a big difference……  Small businesses are made by resourceful people and many may already offer alternatives, or they might come up with some in the next couple of weeks as the new reality sinks in. If you have any ideas, let us know how we can help and support them. You might be throwing someone a lifeline with a simple idea. Upload a file for us to print here Browse our Online Promotional Items here Browse our Online Sign Products here Ask us for a quote here You could touch them, even if it is not in person.

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