Brochures & Booklets

Custom brochures and booklets boast important product or business information with current or potential clients.

Booklets share details and spark inspiration.

With booklets, you can dive into industry or business information without space constraints. Booklets are a great tool to share annual reports and news with shareholders or potential partners. They can also make for professional product guides, proposals or even songbooks.

Explore features like:

  • Digital booklet printing in black and white or full color
  • A variety of style, weight, and colored paper options
  • Digital brochure printing in black and white or full color

A combination of text, imagery, and graphics improves readability so your audience can get the information they need. Incorporate graphs, charts, illustrations, and product photos to provide variety and make your booklet visually appealing.

Getting started

Whether you have completed your designs and need them printed, or need help with the design and layout of your brochure or booklet, we’ve got the experience and know-how to create professional materials you’ll be proud to share.

  • Bring in or send us the booklet you wish to print
  • Select the formatting options that are right for your project
  • Choose the size and paper for pages and covers
  • Choose a quantity: we are flexible on run quantities


Brochure printing isn’t for everyone. But if you want your services or products to sell themselves, then brochure printing is for you. At AlphaGraphics in Salt Lake City, we’ll put in the time and effort to create a stunning brochure that highlights all the benefits your products or services have to offer – and then you can sit back and let the brochures do the talking for you.

Marketing Help

AlphaGraphics does more than just print and make copies. We really want you to succeed, and we have the marketing team to prove it.

Our expert marketers will help you understand your target audience, and create copy that sells. They’ll help you create a full marketing package, with pieces that correspond with your brochure, such as business cards, postcards, flyers, and more – creating a streamlined image.

Design Help

We know you’re busy. We know you understand the importance of good design, but taking the time to create design that sells can feel incredibly overwhelming. We’ll help with any aspect of design – from formatting to fonts to images, and more.


You know it’s important to have a unique look that sets you apart from you competition. To help you create that look, we offer a variety of brochure printing customization options, including:

  • Custom sizes
  • Multiple paper selections
  • Several folds to choose from
  • Booklet-style brochures
  • Catalog-style brochures
  • And more

Get Started

Talk to us today about your brochure printing project. We’ll help you increase you reach. Give us a call at (801) 733-9320, or request a free quote online.


We at AlphaGraphics specialize in printing anything that you need printed—including booklets and catalogs. We are masters of the side saddle stitch - that "magazine-style" binding where the pages are folded in half and bound by staples down the middle.  Printing a catalog or magazine can be a bit tricky if you don't have the pages set up properly. When printing your magazine or catalog at AlphaGraphics you don’t have to worry about the special pagination needed to make sure side A faces side B. We will take care of all that.


Don't limit yourself to the standard 8.5 by 11. We can help you create a custom size booklet that will match your needs. If you want your magazine to have glossy pages like “Vogue” or matte pages like “Highlights” we can do that as well. If you are printing hundreds of copies you may also qualify for a bulk printing discount.

Keeping You Connected

We can also help you keep in touch with your family, friends and customers. Our booklet printing service is also a great fit for your family or company newsletter. We can even help you address and mail you newsletters to spare you the carpel tunnel if you have a large extended family or a flourishing business. By printing your newsletters with us and using our mailing service you won’t have to worry about running out of ink on your home computers and getting a dry tongue from licking too many stamps.

Let us help you get started