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12-6 Blog: The Money Value Of Time

In the standard model for AlphaGraphics, the franchise’s owner’s main function is to be out selling. She or he needs to be spearheading the effort to explain to Prospects and Clients how the many products we offer can help them meet their own goals. Fortunately, I love spending time doing just that, as my husband Jim kindly explains to friends and acquaintances I am a schmoozer. I enjoy meeting new people and learning about different organizations, what they do and are trying to achieve. But I would be in serious trouble if I spent all my time selling. I recently had breakfast with a fellow AlphaGraphics owner, and we discussed at some length the challenge of finding the right balance between the various activities needed for a small business to run. After all, the onus falls on us to be the HR Department, Marketing, Finance & Accounting, Strategy, Operations, Facilities, even IT. All frequently the same day. I embrace this challenge, and that’s a good thing because it comes with owning your own small shop. I love my AlphaGraphics Centers, and I hope I can lead them to success. For what it’s worth, when I do have to divide my time and prioritize, I put my amazing team first, my Clients and prospects next, and then everything else. Yes, that may well mean a marketing campaign or a critical equipment purchase gets pushed back a day. However, without the people who help me every day by choosing to work with me or buy from us, the rest would be meaningless. So they get the time I value most.

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