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12-6 Blog: Advanced Wallpaper

When I decided to join the AlphaGraphics network, I had a decent understanding of the scope of the products and services we would offer. I knew that we would be printing business cards and flyers on paper. I understood we would be producing signs. But it would take a while before I fully grasped that we would be also be in the decorating business. During owner’s training, I tried to absorb a lot of information about the world of sign-making. The substrates available and their uses are myriad and tailored to the specific uses the Client has in mind. We can manufacture signs for indoor or out, for temporary or permanent displays, for directional or informational purposes. And yes, for wall décor. As we prepared to open our Dunwoody-Sandy Springs Center, we had to bring the Center to the AlphaGraphics brand standards. That included printing wallpaper to install on a wall in our Center. Amazingly, our HP Large Format Printer printed what we needed, and we installed the wall. I love the way that wall looks, its red vivid. Visitors often think we painted this wall, but in fact it’s just printed vinyl. I have taken to calling this type of sign-making "advanced wallpaper." The possibilities it holds for transforming a home or office environment are awesome. I look forward to working with a Client in the future to realize his or her dream, be it with an awesome brand or vista on a wall.

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