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7 Ways to Make Your Holiday Marketing Stand Out

I think we are all happy to see 2020 come to end soon, but the holidays are fast approaching and customers are starting to prepare in gift buying and companies are starting to rev up their marketing efforts to capture your attention! Below are 7 tips to bust through this holiday season for your existing AND new customers!  
  1. Grab their attention!

Filling your customer’s inbox is not going to win over their loyalty to you. So get creative and make sure you are reaching out across multiple mediums, like both digital and print. By increasing the multiple touch points, you have the chance to increase your brand awareness and they will start to remember and pay attention to you. Link your customers to your Instagram page, Facebook pages, LinkedIn page and Twitter page!  <----Click those links to see our pages! Take a chance with fun enhancements like adding metallic, foils, embossing or even a coated texture to your mailing piece- make it special! Need some print inspiration, check out our print service page! For digital, share animated GIFS or videos about your upcoming product of promotion. When is the last time you didn’t laugh at GIF?  
  1. Making your brand stand apart from competition

Your brand should stand out from your competition. What makes your brand so different?  Make known to the customer why your brand stands out from others, like your products are made locally, you make donations to a local nonprofit or you are a woman owned business. Whatever it may be, make sure your customers know about the “little touches” that can make a big impact with your brand. Take a look at our webpage about Brand and Identity.  
  1. Become your customer

Yes you can explain as much as you can about your product to your customer, but take a step back and see it through their eyes. Tap into the customer’s emotions and feelings towards the product and experience what they will have when they purchase your product or service.  
  1. Personalized the campaign

And by personalized, we mean dig into who your customer is with demographic data. Define your target audience and understand who your buyers are and what they care about, especially with the holidays around the corner. Split your customer groups up into different segments like new leads and returning customers and personalized those message per group with content that reflects their buying habits. Try to identify the pain points or challenges that a customer might be facing right now. Especially with the holidays approaching, those pain points could be stress for gift buying or tight budgets. Make your customer feel the comfort from you by helping them figure out these situations.  
  1. Emotions!

Holidays bring lots of emotions this time of year. Your customer may be on a wave of emotions, such as hope, reflecting, gratitude, celebration and togetherness. Tying these emotions to your campaigns can definitely align with the customer and create a more positive impression. Use your targeted audience list and separate them into groups.  Advertise to parents about the “togetherness” with family, use excitement and wonder for your younger audience. Blending the emotions with your message and artwork can bring the right feel and look to your campaign.  
  1. Don’t over load

Like many companies, they take the heavy approach with overwhelming the customer with endless discounts and promotions to buy, buy, buy! But take a step back and offer other insightful material to your customer. Provide them with How-To videos, DIY gifts, Tips and Tricks for Holiday Buying, Quizzes and Recipe Ideas. This will prove to your customer that you are not all about the “sell, sell , sell” tactic and that you are wanting to deeper connect with them by sharing useful and relevant information to help reduce the holiday stress.  
  1. Holiday season sharing

Holidays aren’t only about gift giving, its about giving back to the community, extending your appreciation to your hard working staff and thanking your loyal customers. Take time this holiday season by donating to a local community non-profit or raise money or toys for a charity. Or maybe your staff can not be together for the annual holiday party, so bring the party to them with custom Holiday Boxes sent right to the employees home! If you have a few key clients, send them a thoughtful gift to remind them how important they are to you. The smallest gesture can go a long way!   Here at AlphaGraphics La Grange-Oak Brook we are ready to start celebrating the holidays now! If you mention this blog post to your sales rep, we will take 10% off your holiday related order! Is it too soon to start saying “Happy Holidays!”   To contact your local sales rep, email Karen Schnell at or call me at 708.482.4488  

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