Labels, Stickers and Decals

Transform any surface into an ad for your brand.

Spread your brand's message with labels, stickers, and decals.

Are you looking for a popular, effective way to show off your brand? With custom labels, you can dress up correspondence and merchandise with eye-catching graphics and lively text that's bound to start conversations.

As a versatile component of your marketing strategy, labels give you a few characters or images to make a BIG impression.

We've got everything you need

AlphaGraphics can help you remind clients (and inform potential ones) of what your company does best. Have a catchy tagline or motto? How about a memorable logo or date? What about memorializing that viral photo or catch-phrase? Whatever your design … whatever your message … our team will work with you to paint the town with it.

Our label and decal printing services include:

  • Customizable or from-scratch templates
  • Signature shapes, colors, sizes, and materials
  • Multi-use labels, great for color-coding, branding, and pricing
  • Temporary and permanent adhesives
  • On-demand digital printing
  • Hassle-free online ordering (and reordering) through agOnline

Uses for labels, stickers and decals

Some popular usage options include:

  • Holographic labels for mailers
  • Decals for product promotion
  • Branded labels for gifts
  • Bumper stickers for incentives or giveaways
  • Die-cut stickers for event packets
  • Stickers for water, wine, and beer bottles
  • Custom product and warning labels

Types of Labels, Stickers and Decals



Make mailings stand out or create a security authentication. Holographic stickers will be unique to your design.

Sheet fed


Stickers and labels can be printed in standard sheets, ready to print delivery addresses, or product labels.

Roll fed


Sticker rolls make shipping and labeling your products fast and easy.



Labels can come in sheets or rolls and are perfect for drinks that may be immersed in ice water.

Die cut

Die Cut

Bumper stickers or just stickers and decals, in general, can be die cut to most any shape and size you desire.

Window decals

Window Decals

Window decals are very popular with high school sports. Express your loyalty without risking your car's paint finish.


Display your brand and message anywhere. The whole world is your ad space.

Do you already use a custom label? Have you considered it? How about a window decal or a sticker? Here at our Minneapolis commercial print center, we know the value of being able to put your brand on any surface, in any place. Best of all, our high quality printers ensure that the colors of your logo and messaging are reproduced accurately on any material, so that you can have confidence in the consistency of your brand.


If you’re on a tight schedule you’ve come to the right place. At AlphaGraphics we’re used to meeting deadlines and will get your labels, stickers and decals done on time. When you need stickers for an event or decals for a fundraiser there’s no room for error, and our two-person quality check (look for the two signed cards that come with every order) ensures no mistakes are made.

Custom label, sticker & decal printing in Minneapolis


Today’s marketing landscape is constantly changing. With our high-quality custom labels, stickers and decals, your business can stay current, get noticed, and have a little fun too. The simple beauty of labels, stickers and decals is that they’re versatile. Here are just a few ideas—one local Minneapolis, Minnesota business to another—to get you thinking about how you can use our expertly printed products to raise brand awareness.


  • Does your company put out mailings? Custom labels could save you a lot of time and energy while simultaneously promoting your business. (Can you say win-win?)

  • Order product labels to meet your specific needs! Our expert designers and print production team will help you through every step of the process.

  • Color-code with labels in different vibrant hues.


Let your devoted customer base do the marketing legwork for you with stickers that can be placed anywhere. AlphaGraphics in Minneapolis will put your pithy tagline or eye-catching graphic on a branded sticker and help your marketing reach new spaces—organically. 



  • Laptop computers
  • Bicycle frames
  • Water bottles
  • Cell phone cases
  • Suitcases and instrument cases
  • All sorts of paper, from mailings to posters to notebooks and much more
  • Vehicle bumpers (yes, we print bumper stickers!)

Our large format printer is equipped to print giant sheets of stickers with ease, while our top-of-the-line router can cut each one out individually. Or, if you’d prefer that your stickers come on a roll, we can just as easily make that happen.


Windows, whether in a storefront or on a car, are a great place to promote your business. With custom decals from AlphaGraphics in Minneapolis, your brand visibility has the opportunity to skyrocket as your logo and messaging zip around the city on a car or catch attention in a store window.


When you work with AlphaGraphics Minneapolis, you’ll be dealing with professionals with a wealth of experience in the industry. We know how to make things work for your business and your direct mail campaign. We’ll share our expertise with you to achieve your marketing goals.


At AlphaGraphics, we want to help you be more successful. Let's start building a long-term partnership. Contact us today to get started!


Our Minneapolis commercial print center offers custom label, sticker and decal design and printing services in Minneapolis and the west metro, including Plymouth, Minnetonka, Golden Valley, St. Louis Park and Edina. 

Let us help you get started

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