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Frosted or Imaged Glass

Add warmth and elegance to your interior or exterior windows with customized frosted or imaged glass.

Privacy, elegance, warmth: Frosted Glass achieves them all

Add warmth and elegance to your interior or exterior windows with customized frosted or imaged glass. AlphaGraphics will work with you to craft standout designs that complement and enrich your existing décor.

Frosted or imaged glass is a classic way to dress up your business’s surfaces while adding style and ambiance to any location. Our marketing team can help you impress clients and potential customers with targeted full-color or white and clear designs, logos, and advertising on your storefront windows and doors.

Or, use frosted glass to enhance privacy in sensitive areas without blocking natural light with heavy blinds or curtains.

Need versatility?

Our removable frosted films allow you to add seasonal or transitional information to your windows without permanently altering them.

Create changable signage for:
  • Promotions
  • Store events
  • Holidays
  • Trade shows or conferences
  • Cross-media marketing campaigns


Add an element of privacy to transparent glass in:

  • Bathrooms
  • Medical offices
  • Entryways
  • Conference rooms
  • Storefronts


Create decorative patterns or branding on:

  • Glass doors
  • Mirrors
  • Interior or exterior windows
  • Glass cabinets


Place frosted way-finding signage or business directories directly on lobby or conference room windows.

Create unique menus and messaging on restaurant windows and interior glass.

Types of frosted glass:

Acid etched glass allows for complex, intricate patterns to be etched into the surface while leaving other areas transparent.

Sandblasted glass has a uniform opaque appearance, due to the even roughening of clear sheet glass. This process allows the window to still admit light while blurring visibility.

Adhesive vinyl decals can be used to create any combination of full-color and clear glass images surrounded by opaque vinyl, mimicking the frosted glass effect without permanently altering the surface.

Contact the experts at AlphaGraphics today, and we’ll work with you to transform your glass into highly-effective marketing for your brand.


Let’s make your windows engaging, stylish and interesting for years to come.  Make your brand a head turner!  Our Minneapolis commercial print center can help your business get noticed and get business.  Your target audience will stop and do a double take after working with us to create memorable frosted or imaged windows.   Impress your potential customers and clients with storefront window and door advertising using full-color, white and clear designs and logos.  They are easy to add to glass doors, mirrors, storefront windows, glass tables and more.  Your windows are prime advertising space and we can help you take advantage of it with stunning high-quality graphics.  



Whether your business is in downtown Minneapolis, Uptown or in the suburbs, if you get a lot of foot traffic, frosted or imaged windows can effectively draw attention to your business. Options include full-color or clear images that mimic frosted glass.  Or if it’s an elegant, decorative look that, you’re after, acid etched glass offers a wide variety of options with a smooth appearance that allows surrounding areas to be transparent.

Is it privacy you are looking for? A common use of our frosted films and glass is to provide privacy in medical offices, conference rooms or storefronts.  


We often have customers ask which is better but it all depends on what you want.  Both are similar in style; however, they are very different when it comes to the finished product.  Sandblasted lets you choose the level of opaqueness and is versatile in the ways of design.  Acid etched glass has a smoother appearance and comes in a variety of options and offers more finishes than sandblasted glass.

Let us help you get started

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