Window, Wall & Floor Signage

Our Window, Wall & Floor specialties will help your business excel every step of the way.

Alphagraphics offers a large range of Window, Wall & Floor Signage solutions to bring your brand and image to life, inside and out. First impressions count and continuing your branding and image inside your office is just as important as the outdoor signage.

From trade shows to corporate offices, we offer a complete range of signage solutions, incorporating products and services for any industry. We’d love the opportunity to help take your brand to the next level through custom and innovative solutions that leverage the latest technology.

Please browse through our latest signage solutuons below for more information.

Ceiling Tiles

Make an immediate impression on customers with bold, fresh visuals printed directly on your building’s ceiling!

Floor Decals

Transform your floor with imaginative decals and graphics

Framed & Fine Art Prints

With our help, it’s easy to create gorgeous, gallery-quality prints on a budget.

Frosted & Imaged Glass

Add warmth and elegance to your interior or exterior windows with customized frosted or imaged glass.

Indoor Banner

Indoor banners for high-impact visuals. Dress up your conference center or draw eyes to your sporting event or reunion with vibrant, large format banners from AlphaGraphics.

Interior Dimensional Graphics

AlphaGraphics offers an array of dimensional graphics that will make your message literally jump off the walls.

Window Shades

Digitally printed graphic shades are a creative, brand-boosting alternative to traditional white blinds or drapes. Personalize your business’s windows with high quality, full-color images printed directly on your shades!


Are you using your windows to their full potential? Think about it for a second. At AlphaGraphics, one of the premier printers in Minneapolis, we can take your windows from something unremarkable that clients and customers look through, to an interesting, effective marketing display that clients and customers look directly at. And—get this—we can do it without blocking the light and visibility you rely on from your windows. With high quality perforated window graphics from AlphaGraphics in Minneapolis, you can truly have the best of both worlds when it comes to your windows: light and visibility AND creative, eye-catching marketing that will get you noticed and get you business. 


How it works.


Printed on durable, high quality perforated material, our see-through mesh window graphics can be made for interior or exterior application, printed in vibrant full-color, and designed for short or long-term use. Small holes in the “mesh” of the window graphic material let light in through the window while still appearing solid from the outside to ensure your selected text and graphics are seen clearly. This innovative marketing solution is not only an excellent high-impact way to display your brand and messaging, it can also provide additional privacy and heat or light reduction during the daytime. Do you need to shield your office or storefront from the sun? Do so in style and make it count with a perforated window graphic that does double-duty: marketing and screening in one stunning wrap.


Sieze a new window of opportunity


Here at AlphaGraphics in Minneapolis—one of the best printing companies MN has to offer—we specialize in large format graphics. Our large format printers are the latest models in print technology, allowing our team to do all sorts of exciting things and keep all of our customers on the cutting edge of marketing innovation. Staying up-to-date is as important to us as it is to you, and our excellent perforated window graphics are proof of that. Plus, our full service print center is conveniently located in the downtown Minneapolis skyway. Stop by to talk about a project over your lunch break and make it to your 1 o’clock meeting no problem.


Get the experts on your team.


With 20+ years of experience in the print and marketing business, AlphaGraphics in Minneapolis is well-equipped to get your windows from unnoticed to note-worthy by way of an efficient, enjoyable and professional partnership. We want to help you attract customers, clients and business because printing and marketing is our passion, and we can’t think of a better way to share it than with other local businesses. Our skilled client service specialists and graphics designers are experts in their fields, and with AlphaGraphics going to bat for your business, we hate to say it, but your team might be unfairly stacked to win. Hitting a marketing homerun with new see through mesh window graphics is practically inevitable. Contact us today to get started! 

Perforated Window Graphic


Our Minneapolis commercial print center offers perforated or see through window graphics and decal design and printing services in Minneapolis and the west metro, including Plymouth, Minnetonka, Golden Valley, St. Louis Park and Edina. 


When your employees, customers and clients walk into your space, what do they see? Your products? Their desks? What about the walls? Maybe a few small posters here and there? Transform your retail or workspace into a fun, innovative environment employees and customers will truly enjoy spending time in with high quality custom wall graphics and lettering from AlphaGraphics in Minneapolis. Our large format printers are the latest models in print technology, ensuring you—our valued business partners—the very best results.


Elevate your environment.


It’s hard to feel inspired if your surroundings are uninteresting. Spark the imagination of anyone who walks into your space with a bold, branded custom wall graphic. The following are just a few ideas about how your business could use wall graphics and lettering to breathe life and excitement into your space—but don’t let the suggestions limit your ideas! AlphaGraphics in Minneapolis, MN welcomes “crazy” ideas. We’re skilled designers, client service specialists, and print technicians—knowledgeable about marketing, and excellent at thinking outside the box to bring you the print and marketing solutions of your dreams. Ready? Let’s get started!


  • Murals. Display beautiful graphics of your own or partner with our talented graphic designers to create an artful mural. Excellent large format printing, Minnneapolis style from AlphaGraphics. Our murals help you and your business set the perfect scene.
  • Wallpaper. We’re not talking about your Grandmother’s faded floral patterns, we’re talking new, exciting, professionally printed wallpaper customized specifically for your organization! Let us help you put a fresh spin (and maybe your logo or branding!) on classic wallpaper.
  • Inspiration. Are there quotes that keep you motivated? Does your business have a strong mission statement? Why not display an inspirational saying or the foundation of your brand on a wall for all to see? Our wall lettering is the perfect way to get your message across.
  • Rooms. Does your organization have themed conference rooms? Make meetings more enjoyable with fun, informative and professional wall graphics and lettering from AlphaGraphics in Minneapolis. Our state-of-the-art large format printers can print stunning graphics to cover a wall, or an entire room!
  • Impact. Whatever you do with your graphics and lettering, give people something to think about, talk about and remember. Bold walls make an impact—figure out how to leverage yours today.




If you’re not sure you have enough wall space for large format wall graphics or lettering on a huge scale, head on over to our window graphics and vinyl signs pages. You can learn more about utilizing smaller spaces in your office or retail building with the same high impact effects. And if you still have questions about what size and approach is right for you, don’t hesitate to call. With 20+ years of industry experience under our belts we know a thing or two about printing, and we’re happy to share our knowledge with you.


Our Minneapolis commercial print center offers custom wall graphics, decals and lettering design and printing services in Minneapolis and the west metro, including Plymouth, Minnetonka, Golden Valley, St. Louis Park and Edina. 


Looking for a quick and easy way to promote new events and products? Look no further than stunning window clings and lettering from AlphaGraphics in Minneapolis. Take advantage of valuable storefront advertising space with our high quality graphics and lettering. If your windows are in need of a wardrobe upgrade (or two, or three!) we can quite literally dress them for success with window clings and lettering that is easy to install, remove and reposition, in high quality full color at a cost effective price. 


Easy to remove, easy to reuse.


If your business advertises seasonal sales (and even if you don’t!) this one’s for you. Window clings and lettering from AlphaGraphics in Minneapolis, MN are a great way to draw attention to your storefront or spruce up your office space without committing to a permanent decor. With high quality window clings from one of the best sources for printing Minneapolis, MN has to offer, you can customize your signage without having to stick to one look, design or strategy for the long haul.  With flexibility like this, the opportunities are infinite and the possibilities endless. Window clings and lettering from our full-service marketing and print center are easy to set up and just as easy to take down. Additionally they are reusable, adhesive-free and transporting them is a breeze! Fill your empty window space with eye-catching graphics and clever taglines today.


So many choices!


If window clings and lettering sound like a good fit for your business but you’re still not entirely clear on the specifics of your print job, don’t sweat it. AlphaGraphics in Minneapolis has a skilled team of graphic designers and client service representatives who know the ins and outs of design and marketing and can help you create signage—from graphics to messaging—that will make your windows POP. We’re a client-focused team of innovators doing what we love at a local Minneapolis business that’s—very likely—not so different from yours. Partner with us and we’ll see your window graphics and lettering from creation to installation, delivering you the highest-quality products on the timeline you need. We know how important deadlines are and we’re accustomed to meeting them for our clients, every time.


Something more permanent?


Window clings and lettering are great, but if you’ve read this and are thinking maybe you’re ready for a more permanent marketing installment, click on over to our window graphics and wall graphics pages. There you can find lots more information about other products made-to-order especially for you. Work with our design team on your print project—whatever it might be—today! We’ll help you find a marketing solution to fit your wants, needs and maybe even wildest dreams. 


Our Minneapolis commercial print center offers custom window clings, window lettering and business window decals design and printing services in Minneapolis and the west metro, including Plymouth, Minnetonka, Golden Valley, St. Louis Park and Edina. 

Let us help you get started

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