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Promotional products keep your brand top-of-mind

There’s no better way to take advantage of face-to-face interactions than with promotional items that reflect your company's key branding and identity messages.

Keeping your name front and center is critical to retaining current customers and increasing traffic to your business. What better way to get people thinking of you than with free, useful products that can be used over and over again? The possibilities for strengthening your business with promotional products are endless.

More than 700,000 items.

With more than 700,000 items from 3,500 suppliers, AlphaGraphics can help you build a promotional campaign your customers won’t soon forget. Whether you need apparel, office supplies or accessories, we’ve got you covered.

Our promotional services include:
  • A complete line of custom printed promotional items
  • State-of-the-art digital printing
  • Brand development
  • Integrated marketing campaigns

Promotional product strategies

Here are a few ideas:

  • Reward and motivate your employees with branded incentives
  • Give away relevant branded items for safety and education programs
  • Set up a corporate booth at trade shows, conferences, and expos
  • Launch a brand awareness campaign with giveaways
  • Engage followers on social media by hosting a contest with branded prizes

Getting your promotions started

Bring your logo or digital file and work with our team of designers to select the perfect promotional items for your business, organization or cause.

Personalize items with your company’s name, logo or message. Choose from options like embroidery, silk screening and embossing.

Take advantage of proofs to be sure you’ve found the items that best reflect your vision.

Get the most bang for your buck

Some promotional strategies include:
  • Pick items that can be reused or re-gifted
  • Outfit your employees in branded clothing
  • Consider giving out 2 of promotional items and encourage your customer to “share the love”
  • Make relevant, useful gifts that decision makers might use when deciding who to buy from, like mouse pads or flash drives
  • Create promotional products with the recipient in mind: discreet logos are much more likely to be worn; catchy taglines are fun to wear
Some popular promotional items include:
  • Apparel
  • Travel and leisure accessories
  • Tech items and tools
  • Office supplies

Tips for increasing traffic with promotional products

To logo, or not to logo??
While advertising your brand on merchandise is often helpful--sometimes the best way to promote your business is by printing your customer’s name on a nice pen or reusable shopping bag. Then, let them tell their friends where they got it!

Reward referrals.
Encourage customers to refer business to your comapany. Then, thank them with branded rewards like t-shirts, hats, and water bottles.

Free stuff over here!
Let’s face it: people love free stuff. Make sure that your next trade show booth, sales call, or new product launch includes promotional items galore: flash drives, mouse pads, flashlights, backpacks--the sky’s the limit.


Prep your next event or convention with the right branding materials. AlphaGraphics can print brochures, banners, custom table clothes, and custom booth design.

Courtroom Exhibits

Trial and courtroom exhibits are essential for illustrating a point of view. AlphaGraphics offers design and printing services that will make your exhibit memorable.


Event posters create buzz and elevate your event


Make your booth the talk of the expo with custom trade show materials

Ready to try incorporating promotional products into your overall marketing strategy?  Contact AlphaGraphics today, and we’ll help you create a plan so that  “everybody knows your name”!


There’s no better way to get your brand in front of people than with free products that your target audience will use again and again!  At AlphaGraphics in Minneapolis, we can show you the endless product possibilities to strengthen your business.

Promotional products are everywhere. Whether you’re at the doctor’s office, the library, or a store, you will find a promotional piece designed for you to remember the company or person.  As you search for a new promotional product for your company, do you find yourself at a loss?  Do you wonder what the best product is to give your company the upper edge?  Our print center in Minneapolis can help you answer that question.


We can put your company information or logo on almost any promotional item such as pens, bottles, tumblers, lip balms, and umbrellas. For professional initiatives, we can help you create unique giveaways at trade show events, print your logo on a golf shirt for a golf tournament, or find something to make a strong marketing impact.  And for personal initiatives, we can help you find the perfect item to personalize for weddings or find exciting products for a swag bag.  To make the ordering process easier, we offer our customers custom online ordering sites and proofing services.


Your promotional products are a vital part of your company’s marketing strategy.  AlphaGraphics is a premier commercial printing center in the Twin Cities offering a variety of quality promotional products.  Our selection of products is large enough to fit almost any need and budget.  With thousands of items in stock, you’ll be sure to find what you’re looking for.

Whether you’re looking for a mug or a tech item, our team of skilled professionals can walk you through every step of the process.  Let’s capitalize your brand’s awareness by partnering to create promotional products that are as useful as they are promotional.

Handing out your promotional item at an event or tradeshow?  We can help with that as well!  We can help with booth displays, the development of tradeshow marketing materials, table covers and even a direct mail campaign so that customers can search you out at the event!  When we say we are a full service partner, we mean it!  From printing to marketing to signage, we know how to help you get noticed and get business.  Contact us today to get started.



Our Minneapolis commercial print center offers custom and branded promotional product printing services in Minneapolis and the west metro, including Plymouth, Minnetonka, Golden Valley, St. Louis Park and Edina.



With 20+ years of print, marketing, and design experience under our belts at our Minneapolis commercial print center, we’ve helped many clients prepare for the most important tradeshows in their industry. We also know that these tradeshows are some of the biggest marketing investments an organization makes in a year, and as one of the premier Minnesota printing companies, we want to ensure your investment in tradeshow materials is worth every penny. Here’s how:


Quality is key.


The quality of your tradeshow graphics has a direct impact on how well your display will do and how successful you will be at making new connections with clients and customers. We make a point to use only the highest quality materials for our products—sourcing as often as we can from a favorite local Minnesota business, 3M. 3M’s materials are, simply put, excellent, and doing business with them allows us to invest in a local business just as local businesses invest in us. Integrity is important here at AlphaGraphics in Minneapolis, we’re all part of the network of Minnesota businesses after all—strong ongoing relationships between local organizations benefit everyone!


Sharing our 'trade' secrets.


Years of experience and a wealth of accumulated knowledge about tradeshow graphics and displays have given us the inside scoop on what to do (and what not to do!) at tradeshows. Curious about the expertise we’ve got to share? A few of the most important tips are below and if you give us a call, there’s more where that came from.




1.  Start early. Give yourself time to plan what you want to bring, order and/or design promotional products and other literature you need, and advertise the event on social media to draw in a bigger crowd.

2.  Have a CTA. A CTA, which stands for a Call To Action, is a great way to generate leads. Make yours clear, focused and engaging.

3.  Have a useful or memorable giveaway. Supply something that people want or can use, stay up-to-date on trends!

4.  Engage with the other exhibitors. Sometimes other exhibitors can become great prospects, or at the very least, know someone they can send your way. It’s in your best interest to make a great impression on EVERYONE.

5.  Don't overwhelm. Highlight one main feature or product. People don't like to feel overwhelmed, keep the point short and focused.

6.  Invest in display materials and design. Stand out from the crowd with high quality materials and a great design that gets you noticed. (We can help with all of this and more!)

7.  Be interactive. Make sure to engage with everyone who walks by your booth, better yet, have a video playing or a sweepstakes giveaway going on to encourage interaction.

8.  Follow up within the week. Follow up on any and all connections you made to remind people who you are and how you can help them.


Our Minneapolis commercial print center offers custom trade show graphics design and printing services in Minneapolis and the west metro, including Plymouth, Minnetonka, Golden Valley, St. Louis Park and Edina. 


Catch eyes and pull attendees with bright, bold, event posters. We want your event to be a huge success every bit as much as you do, and we’re here to help.


At AlphaGraphics in Minneapolis MN, we get excited about a great event poster. (Call us “poster nerds” if you want.) The truth is that we have the highest-quality printers and our custom posters come out so clear, crisp and vibrant, it’s hard not to get excited. Plus, we’ve got a lot more to offer than your corner Minneapolis print shop. Our full-service center boasts a team of skilled customer service representatives, designers and print production specialists who can help with every step of your event poster creation from design to finished product. We’re creative, innovative and knowledgeable about print, business and marketing. We will help your organization leverage its brand identity in creating annual, periodic, or one-time custom posters that really POP. After all, an unforgettable event starts with an unforgettable event poster.


From tradeshows and business meetings, to open houses and outdoor festivals, we’ve handled it all here at downtown Minneapolis printing services shop. And we know that high quality posters on a tight deadline aren’t always easy to come by. That’s why we’ve made it our mission, business and specialty to deliver exceptional print jobs to our customers quickly and efficiently. Hours of planning and a lot of little details go into a successful tradeshow, open house, festival or other big event. Engaging posters are often a critical piece of ensuring attendance, building anticipation, and conveying information. Let AlphaGraphics, your go-to for Twin Cities posters, take care of the signage while you handle refreshments, programming, and everything else. The integrity of your brand is in good hands with our team here in the heart of the downtown Minneapolis skyway. We match logo colors perfectly and print details accurately, every time.


Custom event posters can be made in a range of sizes and materials. Just as we love supporting neighboring businesses in the downtown Minneapolis area, our marking and print center is stocked, in large part, with Minnesota business 3M Company’s highest quality printing supplies. Partnerships are important to us here at AlphaGraphics, and we invest in local businesses just as local businesses invest in us.


Don’t wait to call about our event posters! Time is of the essence if your event is coming up. We’re eager to talk colors, layouts and branding with you. Or, if you already know exactly what you need, to show you what our top-of-the-line printers can do! Vivid colors, clean crisp text and creative designs are just the beginning. Get noticed, get business, let’s get this conversation started.



Our Minneapolis commercial print center offers custom event poster design and printing services in Minneapolis and the west metro, including Plymouth, Minnetonka, Golden Valley, St. Louis Park and Edina. 

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