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Signage: An Old Fashioned Marketing Tool That Is Still A Powerhouse

Signage. Whether it be Las Vegas neon or a crisp black & white logo - it brings forth some sort of reaction from most people. It could be as simple as an appreciation for the symmetric lines or a flashback to the Bachelor/Bachelorette Party you had with your friends many moons ago. Color itself has been proven to ignite stimulus within our brains, when put into patterns or brightened one can only imagine this reaction grows even stronger. This, in itself, is what marketing is all about. Bringing forth a reaction from the consumer that makes them want to participate in, purchase, or in some other way interact with what you are marketing. Nowadays, signs are often left in the dust in favor of a more digital approach of marketing. Not to say these aren’t also great tools used to garner business… But there is a reason that this old fashioned tool has been used for thousands of years before it was picked up by our Wilmington, NC print shop.  

A Brief History of Signage

Signs first began making their appearance in our world when man found his ‘voice’ in the form of symbols drawn on cave walls. Over time, we have seen these symbols grow to more than warning of predators in the area into an almost predatory nature of trying to lure in the consumers amass so much competition. Eventually, these depictions lead to the involvement of text & from there we see marketing truly evolving into what we recognize in modern times. The evolution of language came as naturally as opposable thumbs. With this change, we found the sarcastic, funny & enthralling languages to communicate better. To persuade one another to our own passions or causes.   

Modern Signage

Continuing in the modern era, it is a bit more blatant in intent. Whether it instructing us on how we are to shop or find a bathroom; we truly see signs surrounding us. As human beings, we are almost seeking them to lead us in the right direction. For our local beach town in Wilmington, NC you see the majority of signs pandering to the ideology of relaxations & enjoyment. Mermaids promising a soothing afternoon on the chairs near the motel's pool, bright putt-putt animals luring children in with their smiles & bright colors. We truly have it all in our small town beachy culture.   

Your Wilmington, NC Print Shop, Sign Design &  Production Resource

Here at Wilmington’s only AlphaGraphics, we can tackle all of these for you! Large or small, bright or subdued- we can assist with anything marketing or sign related.  Yard signs, directional signs, building signs, advertising a service or sport, or welcoming back your favorite person from their time overseas. Let us do the hard work for you… Our Graphic Design services are endless & we will find the perfect way to bring your dreams to life. Contact us for a free quote today!

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