Variable Data & Mapping

Variable data printing is the best way to reach your customers with branded messaging that tells them you know what they need. It’s also known as one-to-one marketing, targeted, or personalized printing.

Variable data makes printing personal

Variable data printing allows you to customize offers specifically to a customer’s likes or past purchase history. This strategy can dramatically increase response rates while reducing overall printing and mailing costs due to more targeted materials as opposed to traditional "shotgun" campaigns.

Generate more business with variable data printing

Direct-mail pieces, invitations, promotional flyers, event promotions, or any other type of product will resonante more effectively with your customers when you use variable data printing. It will also, ultimately generate more business for you. With variable data you can change up the words, the images, and colors in the same print run. Imagine the power your message will carry to your customer when you have crafted a personalized look and feel just for them.

Variable data printing is easy to do with the right list, the right layout, and the right partner to help you carry out your marketing plan. The AlphaGraphics marketing and printing professionals can guide you through the entire process and deliver top quality marketing materials. Your results will take off with variable data printing.

How does variable data printing work?

  • Information from mailing lists or customer databases are matched to data fields in a marketing piece layout

  • Images can vary based on the customer

  • Printing then takes place on a record-by-record basis with a unique piece generated for each customer

Variable Data Printing In Wilmington, NC

Not all customers are alike so why should their direct mail piece be? Let’s make your dream of a personalized and instantly noticeable marketing mailer into a reality with variable data printing from your local Wilmington, NC print shop!

Increase Response Rates

Take advantage of the personalized touch that variable data printing provides with the prime marketing visibility of a direct mail piece.  It’s amazing how specific you can get when personalizing each mailer, here are a few examples: customer likes, purchase history, single or married, and personal preferences.  Graphics, maps, and colors are other features you can customize your mailer with, all in the same print run. Questions? Reach out to us today to speak with one of our customer service representatives. They are happy to help!

Why Choose Variable Data Printing?

Increased response rates are great but if you wonder what else can variable data do for your business, we have some answers!  Take a look at the other ways variable data printing has helped our numerous satisfied customers with their direct mail marketing campaigns.

  • Ability to track response rates more effectively with custom barcodes and URL’s which can give vital information on the effectiveness of your mailer
  • Allows you to individualize company locations and even employees phone numbers
  • Offers the integration of print marketing with online marketing by using personalized URL’s and QR codes directing target customers to your contact, landing and content pages
  • Customized colors, fonts, and maps tailored to your piece offer an incredibly personal touch that increases the relevancy of each piece
  • Targeted mailings are more efficient than traditional direct mail since it reduces overall mailing and printing costs

The customizable options are endless and can all be done without holding up or stopping the printing process.  Our top performing printing and software technology combined with your database can make your next direct mail marketing campaign a major sale generator!

Accessorize Your Variable Data Printing

brochures, invitations, wall graphics, and flags can give you the traction to hit your sales goals.  As your trusted local Wilmington, NC print shop, we have an extensive print portfolio of products and services that make your marketing and print solutions possibilities truly limitless!  Call us today!

Areas We Serve

Our Wilmington, NC print center, located on College Road, offers variable data printing services in Wilmington and the surrounding communities of Leland, Burgaw, Southport, Shallotte, Oak Island, Rocky Point, Castle Hayne, Carolina Beach, Wrightsville Beach, Kure Beach, and Bald Head Island.

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