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Summer’s Best Friend - The Coozie

Coozie, Coolie, Koozie, Huggie, Coastie, Can Cooler… Whatever you call it, we can all agree, it’s summer’s best friend and loyal companion. We see them everywhere from the beach, to the pool, at backyard bar-b-ques, weddings, baby showers, sporting events, and anywhere in between. Coozies are one of the most popular promotional items and for good reason.  They are compact, customizable, colorful, and cost-effective!  

What is a Coozie and where did it start?

A coozie is an insulator that is usually made of foam, neoprene, or another fabric. They are used to keep drinks cold by surrounding the can or bottle but are also great and keeping condensation off of your hands and surfaces. Did you know that the name “Koozie” is actually a brand name and trademarked by BicGraphic?  BicGraphic has been producing Koozie products since 1979 and AlphaGraphics Wilmington is a proud supplier of BicGraphic products along with many other brands.  

How can you use a Coozie to promote your brand?

Wilmington NC Power of Promotional ProductsCoozies are a great unique way to market your brand. If people associate a business with a cool, free product, they will very likely hold positive feelings about that business. Recent surveys show that 83% of consumers say they are more likely to do business with a brand or company that gave them a promotional product. At AlphaGraphics Wilmington, we take coozies to the next level with our in-house design team.  From single-sided to double-sided and one color to full color, the possibilities are endless when it comes to your product design.  There is an option for every price point and all designs are custom created just for you.  With the ability to purchase several coozie colors, your brand is bound to grab someone’s attention! Promotional Item Can Cooler Wilmington NC Branded Promotional Product Koozie Wilmington NC

How else can you use a coozie?

We are always looking for unique ways to promote products and the most popular use of coozies lately has been for weddings and events.  They are a great take away for guests to always remember the big day and how much fun they had celebrating!!  How cool would it be to hang out with your friends a couple of years from now and see them using a can cooler from your event?!  SUPER COOL! Your design could be fun and catchy or simple and clean.  Whatever you decide, everyone loves a good coozie! Wedding Gift IDea Can Cooler Wilmington NC Wedding Gift IDea Can Coozie Wilmington NC

How can our Wilmington NC print center help you?

If you are ready to promote your event or company with coozies this summer, let us know!  We have several options from tall to short, can to bottle, double wrapped or single, neoprene or fabric. You name it, we have it and are currently running several specials to meet your summer needs. Be sure to swing by our Wilmington print shop and grab your own free AlphaGraphics coozie from the front lobby and we will get your order processed in no time! Cheers to summer on the coast and a coozie in your hand!!

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