QR Codes

QR codes in your marketing campaigns engage your tech-savvy prospects and relay up-to-date information so visitors can order from you NOW.

Getting potential customers to your website has never been easier!

QR Codes are dynamic, 2-dimensional barcodes that can be scanned with a mobile device camera. These versatile tools allow you to deliver relevant details about a product or service directly to your potential customers.

It’s easy to fall behind in today's constantly-evolving business world. That’s why having a knowledgeable marketing partner like AlphaGraphics - who can keep you up-to-date with the latest marketing innovations - is key to your continued success.

Implementing QR codes

By implementing unique, interactive tactics like QR codes into your marketing campaigns, you can engage your tech-savvy prospects AND relay up-to-date information so visitors can order from you NOW.

QR codes can be added to:

  • Magazine and print ads
  • Business cards
  • Brochures
  • Direct mail materials
  • Billboards and posters
  • T-shirts and other apparel

QR code usage tips

  • Have defined goals. What are you trying to accomplish by using a QR code?
  • Consider your audience. Make sure you’re targeting a mobile-equipped audience, and include tips on how to use the code.
  • Make it worth their time. Scanning a QR code takes time—so your offer should be compelling.
  • Track your results. Use analytics to monitor and refine your efforts.
  • Add a logo. Try personalizing your QR codes with graphics or your business's logo to grab attention.

How do QR codes work?

By printing a QR code on a print ad, website, business card, or employee apparel, you'll provide an opportunity for people to interact with you and your company in a whole new way. The data encoded in QR codes leads users to a very specific online location of your choosing.

How will they help my business?

QR codes facilitate interaction with your other marketing efforts.  They can drive traffic to your website, increase survey participation, get the word out for your latest product launch or Webinar, or provide tempting discounts to customers ready to make a purchase.

Are QR codes difficult to use?

Not at all! When you work with the AlphaGraphics marketing team, you'll find that QR codes are very user-friendly for both you and your customers.

Custom QR Code Creation In Arlington, TX

Giving your customers access to your business and services in a variety of different ways has become an expectation in our fast-paced world. Give them the attention and convenience they’re looking for with custom QR code creation from AlphaGraphics Arlington. QR codes help you easily connect with customers and send them information that is useful.

Make Things Easy For Customers

The fewer steps a customer has to take the find information about your business, the better. The presence of unnecessary or cumbersome steps in your business process is commonly referred to as friction. QR codes are just one of the many ways you can reduce friction with your customers and make the process of working with you much easier. And when you are easy to work with, people are more likely to choose you over other companies that are less convenient.

QR codes allow users to quickly scan the code and gain access to all kind of information. They are much more versatile than a traditional bar code and can convey much more information than a typical barcode. The key to successful use of a QR code lies in using it properly and with the user experience in mind.

Get Your Message Through

While using QR codes may seem like a fad or trend, it can still be a highly effective marketing tool when used properly and for the right target audience. One of the best ways to use a QR code is to make it easier for customers to get in touch with you and to use your services.

Here are just a few ideas for how you may use a QR code in your business:

  • Use them on direct mail marketing pieces to make it easier for customers to claim an offer or get in touch with your business.
  • Direct prospects and customers to your website or social media sites from your custom signs.
  • Use on business cards to send your contact information directly to someone’s phone.
  • Use for coupons and other loyalty or rewards promotions.
  • Place on your menu or brochure for easy product ordering and contact.
  • And so many more possibilities!

The Local Marketing Experts

Whether you are just getting started with QR codes or are looking for new ideas on how to use them, you can trust the local marketing experts at AlphaGraphics to help with all the details. We can help you create the codes themselves as well as integrate them into the designs you’ll be printing.

To learn more or get started, call us at (817) 860-2679, visit our convenient location, or request a quote online.

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