SMS/MMS Campaigns

Short messaging service (SMS) and multimedia messaging service (MMS) campaigns are a great way to foster meaningful interactions that create return business.

Use SMS and MMS marketing to connect directly to your audience

Looking for a way to drastically increase customer engagement without breaking the bank? Consider adding short messaging service (SMS) and multimedia messaging service (MMS) to your mobile marketing strategy.

Wondering if SMS/MMS marketing is right for your business?

Like all marketing mediums—SMS/MMS campaigns are most effective when you combine their strength (immediate, interactive communication with near perfect open rates) with other location-based efforts.

These might include:
  • Printed postcards, brochures and signage
  • Email marketing
  • PURLs
  • Social media marketing
  • Variable maps

This approach conveys a consistent, personalized message across multiple channels--dramatically increasing engagement, ROI, and building brand awareness. By encouraging people to sign up for text alerts, you can start an ongoing two-way conversation with prospects and customers.

5 SMS/MMS best practices

  • Create a call to action. Recipients should know within seconds what the offer is, and how to claim it.
  • Get to the point. Lead with your value proposition—SMS only gives you 160 characters. Use them wisely.
  • VIP content only. Text subscribers should only get the best deals and discounts available.
  • Timing is everything. Set a schedule - say one text a week - and stick with it. Don't send messages during sleeping hours.
  • Spread it around. Integrate your keywords and MMS short code into other marketing channels to increase engagement and sign ups.

Put SMS/MMS to work for your business

Mobile messaging provides ample opportunities to communicate with your subscribers.

Consider using SMS and MMS marketing for:

  • Fundraising
  • Converting prospects with location-based incentives
  • Raising awareness about important causes
  • Delivering customer rewards for loyalty programs
  • Appointment reminders
  • Emergency notifications
  • Customer service (order status updates, reservation confirmations, etc.)
  • Special promotions
  • Events and trade shows
  • Company news and updates

SMS And MMS Marketing Services In Arlington, TX

When you’re looking for ways to keep up with your busy, on the go customers, look for SMS and MMS marketing services from your local marketing experts at AlphaGraphics Arlington. We’re the local professionals and we’re equipped to help you reach your customers in meaningful ways.

Keep Your Customers In The Loop

When timed properly, a simple text message to your valued customers can prompt them to purchase from you or engage in a conversation that will solidify your value in their minds. When used as part of a comprehensive marketing campaign, text and multimedia messages can be an excellent way to keep customers informed and up to date about your offerings.

SMS text messages are a great option for engaging with customers and MMS or Multimedia messages can take your communications to the next level. And when you’re looking for the best marketing services in town, you’ll find them right here at AlphaGraphics. We’ll help you develop and send your text messaging campaign so your customers can stay in the loop and know what you have going on in your business.

Options To Meet Your Needs

Tap into the options available for reaching customers when you used SMS and MMS messaging. When you’re looking for ways to reach customers, the last thing you want is a cookie-cutter approach to your marketing. That’s why we offer customized options that actually meet your needs. This means that you have an expert consultant who is ready to help with the questions you have as well as professional strategies for marketing that will make a difference.

Here are some of the many options we offer to help you get the most from your SMS and MMS marketing campaigns:

And with support from a local expert who also specializes in print and signage services, we’ll help you bring your campaign to life with the right printed materials and signs to coordinate with the other elements of your campaign.

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