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From the Design Desk: Designing the Perfect Business Card

Business Cards are really the bread and butter of graphic design.  They are among the simplest things we do, but for as commonplace as business cards are, they are one of a small business' most crucial tools. Useful for networking, passing along contact information, and establishing your brand identity, having a well-designed business card is something that small businesses shouldn't take for granted. Luckily for us, the folks at CompanyFolders have put together a pretty comprehensive list of 12 tips for creating the perfect business cards.  While it's important to keep in mind that some of the examples in the article are highly specialized processes - like letterpress and specialty materials - that aren't widely available or cost effective solutions for most small businesses, there are still lots of great creative ways to achieve similar effects and finishes without sacrificing budget. Click through to read their list of business card design tips, or click the image on the right to download an extremely helpful infographic that takes all of the information from the article and presents it in an easy to read and understand format for anyone to follow! Read more business card design tips... Need some creative business card ideas? Ask us on Follow us on Twitter or Like us on Facebook and visit our website!

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