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  • 2/18/2021
  • admin_us605

From the Design Desk: The Color of Emotions

When I was in high school, I was considering a career in either graphic design or interior design and was fortunate enough to take semester-long courses in both.  In our interior design class we often...

  • 2/10/2021
  • admin_us605

4 Ways to Boost Your Marketing Using Social Distancing Signage

Social distancing and safety signage isn’t going away anytime soon. While your business needs to adhere to Indiana's safety mandates a while longer, customers are tired of seeing the same generic sign...

  • 2/5/2021
  • admin_us605

Marketing Mojo: Developing Your Brand Personality

In videogames, sometimes characters or creatures will be given a “personality” trait, boiled down to a single word that describes their nature or temperament.  Calm, silly, wild, bold, quiet - these b...

  • 2/1/2021
  • admin_us605

From the Design Desk: Design Trends for 2021

Flat Color versus Tactile Texture, Abstract vs Geometric, and Colors for Hope and Social Change. I don't think many people realize just how important Graphic Design can be to the culture and aesthetic...