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Using Color Printing To Make Your Ideas Pop

By Mark Lee

There are lots of reasons why a person might choose to pick up one leaflet over another. They might be attracted to a particular image, or have a personal interest in what it is trying to promote. They might, like the vast majority of the general public, spot bright and appealing colors, and wonder whether the content is similarly attractive. The truth is that color accounts for most of our choices when it comes to promotional materials. You only have to think about a situation in which a busy shopper is passed a flyer to know that this is the case. It seems obvious that, if presented with a black and white flyer and a flyer filled with bright colors, the shopper would be much more likely to opt for vibrancy. Why is it so important to use color in my promotional materials? The combination of colors you use for advertising can make a big difference to whether or not people actually take notice of your product. Therefore, the importance of color printing is paramount. From a psychological perspective, colors help us to determine the ‘mood’ of objects. For example, if you use red in your flyers, consumers are likely to associate it with passion and energy. If you use green, the assumed mood will be one of calm and serenity. There are moods associated with all colors, and this allows them to be used as a form of non-verbal communication. What can I do to make my promotional materials appealing? If you want to make sure that promotional flyers, leaflets, and brochures will catch the eye, grab the interest, and have potential customers flocking to find out more, the best step is to find a reliable printing company, which can offer a wide range of color printing services and options. The trick is to pick colors which work well together and complement one another, rather than tones which are likely to clash and feel jarring on the eyes. For instance, yellow and blue are complementary colors, as are red and green. You are also advised to limit the use of color printing to areas surrounding text, and never the text itself. If text is displayed in bright colors, it is difficult to read, and will discourage rather than appeal to consumers. The best color for text will always be black, but make sure that your color printing service is able to carry out the job to a high standard. All tones should be strong, vivid, and capable of really making a statement. AlphaGraphics Arlington.  Color Printing Specialsts

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