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Direct Mail Marketing: Don’t Waste the Envelope

By Mark Lee Too many times, envelopes serve only as mere containers for your marketing message. But they can – and should -- be a lot more. Properly designed, your envelope can boost the positive impact of your direct mail effort, creating that all-important first impression, telegraphing and reinforcing the message that is inside and becoming a powerful magnet to draw the recipient into your sales pitch.   As PDA Marketing points out, many companies choose to use direct mail, but they hide their letter, brochures, business card and other marketing materials inside a plain envelope that says nothing about their business. Don’t waste the envelope! It, too, can be a marketing tool. Below are a few things to keep in mind. Include compelling copy – Use the different marketing appeals (emotion, security, desire for beauty, etc) and turn them into persuasive words to grab the attention of the recipient. • Recite benefits – Lay down to your recipients the incentives why they must read your letter. Because it’s not what you can get from sending them a letter, but what they can get from your letter and business. • Show clear call to action – Whereas indicating benefits should entice recipients to look at the envelope more closely, the call to action should impel them to open the envelope and read the letter. Also inject a sense of urgency so they read it immediately. You will be surprised with how “Read more inside…NOW!” can make a huge difference with your envelope marketing.   Be sure the name and address of your prospect is written as accurately as possible. Many times companies generate mailing lists that have been populated with faulty information. If you spell the recipient’s name wrong, you immediately lose credibility so always make sure your addressing is accurate.   Surveys have shown that one of the first things people look at when they receive mail is the return address so it might be advisable to put a return address without listing your company’s name. That way, if the recipient has any preconceived opinion about your company, they won’t know the mail is from you until after they open the envelope.   And, finally, teasers are very important. It is the best way to get your prospects engaged so make sure that there is a teaser and that it is big and bold so that the user cannot miss it. It should be such a teaser that it would immediately prompt the recipient to open the envelope as soon as it has been seen.   AlphaGraphics – Arlington, Texas.    Direct Mail Experts.  

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