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Flyers Can Be Strong “On the Go” Marketing

By Mark Lee Even in the Internet age, printed flyers remain a very effective way of marketing your product or service. Think of flyers as full-page ads that are distributed directly to your potential customers. There’s nothing quite as instant and direct as giving flyers to people and having the opportunity to sell yourself and get someone’s interest on the spot. FLYER1The most effective flyers are well thought out and designed for maximum impact. What are you promoting? Is all your contact information correct and clear? Too often people using flyers to promote their business fail to include a clear 'call to action' that tells the person receiving it what you want them to do? Do you want them sign up?  Register?  Go to your website?  Buy a product? Decide on the action you want people to take.  Then ask them clearly to do it. Author and Business Coach Alex Genadinic reminds us to keep in mind that when you hand out flyers to people, they are usually on the go. That means they have only a few seconds to glance at your flyer before they determine whether they will take a closer look at it or throw it away (hopefully, they will recycle the flyer). That means that you have to make the value proposition in big letter and clear print. What you are promoting should be immediately clear, and it should also be clear what the value is for the person looking at the flyer. Use short and precise messages.  If it’s too long, people won’t read it.

FLYER2Marketing expert Karen Saunders says the value of a flyer goes up dramatically when it features a special offer or discount on your product or service “for a limited time only.” This helps create a sense of urgency that encourages the recipient to act quickly.  A good option is to design a coupon on the bottom quarter of the flyer. Be sure to clearly state the deadlines and limitations of the offer. If it is a mail-in coupon, be sure to include the payment specifications with areas for filling out credit card information and mailing address. Adding in a code to obtain the discount can help you measure the outcome of the campaign.

And don’t forget about testimonials.  Flyers are a great place to showcase your satisfied customers.  Let them help you sell.

You can save money by distributing the flyers yourself.  Otherwise, there are companies that specialize in flyer distribution at a reasonable cost. Make flyers part of your marketing mix.  Remember: Ultimately, flyers will do three things: attract the readers’ attention, generate interest in your product and ask for the recipient for an action. It’s one more good way to get the word out.   AlphaGraphics Arlington. Flyer Design & Printing Experts.    

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