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If These Walls Could Talk: They Can!

By Mark Lee Have you ever heard anyone say “If these walls could talk‘? Usually, they mean the walls have seen a lot.  Watched people experiencing life.  Seen things that many people would not believe.  Been a silent sentinel – an observer of history. That expression obviously came into vogue before the introduction of modern wall graphics.  Today, walls everywhere are talking, and their message is loud and clear.  More than ever before, “wall talk” is engaging customers in retail stores, patients in doctor’s offices, patrons in restaurants, travelers in airports – consumers everywhere. wallgraphics, a self-improvement and marketing website, insists that using wall graphics can greatly increase the impact you have on your target audience.  Why? They feature brilliant graphics with high-resolution images.  They shout out choice words in classy fonts.  The once-drab wall has been given a new personality – one that attracts attention and demands that you stop and look. That’s why businesses all across the country are putting their walls to work. Bankers, doctors, service providers and storeowners have all found that the use of wall graphics can have a huge impact on the look and fee of their offices or retail locations.  Every wall is an opportunity to showcase your brand, logo, services and products. Wall graphics are versatile and custom. They can be produced in any size or shape with any image.  And they can adhere to most any kind of surface – from the smoothest drywall to rough bricks. Some of the most effective wall graphics center around motivational or inspirational words and phrases like “Whatever the MIND can CONCEIVE, the TEAM can ACHIEVE.” Or a marketing tagline like “Building Competence and Confidence.” Whether the goal is to create an aesthetic look or show off your brand, wall graphics are the way to go! They are great for short - or long-term applications, with options for permanent or removable vinyl. They are all printed at the highest resolution for the finest quality and sharpest details, and easy to install and remove. Our professional graphic design team can take any pattern or image and modify it to fit perfectly in your space.  The final product will be printed digitally on quality materials.  We offer professional installation to ensure the perfect fit of all seams and prevent the formation of bubbles that can mar the look of the finished project.   AlphaGraphics Arlington. Wall Graphics and Sign Experts.

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