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Custom Signs: A Vital Part of Your Marketing Mix

By Mark Lee For almost every business, durable, high quality custom signs are a must!  They are one of the most effective means of putting your business on the map. Restaurants, storefronts, small shops, salons, eateries, colleges, large corporations, and many more businesses all benefit from having their signs customized with their specific branding, sales offering, directions or hours of operation. Window Graphics The website points out four benefits of outdoor signs: ·       Outdoor advertising is 24/7. Sign companies know that the best way to advertise is to be available all the time. By showcasing custom outdoor signs outside, day or night, customers cannot turn ‘off’ the advertising like they can when looking at something on the internet. ·       It reaches ‘hard-to-reach’ customers. While the internet can reach anywhere, sometimes you just need to reach the people next door. Custom banners and custom wood signs are a good way to grab attention from the people who are most likely to be your next customers. ·       It combines well with mixed media. Outdoor advertising seamlessly fits into any of your other advertising campaigns. Whether you want to combine wooden signs with truck lettering or posters with an email campaign, it’s easy to take pictures of something that will last. ·       People like outdoor advertising. People appreciate when businesses put thought and pride into their establishments. Clever branding and logos can translate to virtual and outdoor signs. Today’s custom signs are vibrant and weatherized, allowing for long-lasting messaging that looks amazing!  Does your business need a large lobby sign or a few smaller signs to help accent the interior? Decorate your business with an interior sign that is custom-fit and designed to your specifications. Are you aware that your business sign is the primary way that potential clients even know you exist? Not your website, not word-of-mouth, but your actual physical on premise signage is the primary way that consumers learn that your business exists at its given location. That is why it is essential for your sign to be of ample size, height, and illumination. Proper placement of your sign is also vital since you want people, or drivers, to have enough time to see the sign, react to it, and be able to maneuver through traffic in order to get to your business. This is also why it is important to have efficient directional signs, such as the parking lot entrance and exit signs, if they exist at your business' location. In summary, as rightly points out, your sign can concurrently direct people to your store's location, serve as branding, fortify your advertising campaign, and influence purchasing decisions. AlphaGraphics Arlington. Custom Signage Experts.  

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