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Put Photo Enlargements to Work for Your Business

By Mark Lee We’ve all heard that bigger is better, but nowhere is that old adage more true than when it comes to showcasing great photos in a marketing setting. Many businesses have experienced the benefits of a powerful photo enlargement that can be worth way more than a thousand words. There’s nothing like a five-foot photograph to make a lasting impression about your products or services. Whether you’re selling hip replacements or a yummy ice cream cone, that big picture brings your product to life and connects with your customer. And you can turn any photo or picture into a custom poster or wall graphic overnight. Choose the perfect size that fits your needs. Photo enlargements are available in super high resolution on premium photo paper  -- glossy, matte, metallic or other finishes – and with a variety of inks. They can be produced from digital files or film or even by scanning a smaller photo for enlargement. Let these big pictures work for you at marketing events, trade shows, scientific and medical conferences, courtroom presentations or as a permanent part of your in-store marketing mix. Ben Wolf, Creative Segment market manager for Hewlett-Packard says wide-format photo output is growing. Print longevity, smaller dots, improved inks, quad black inks, and a wide variety of media options all add to the popularity of large photo formats. How can photo enlargements or posters be used? Concerts posters are very popular. People love to go to concerts and hear their favorite band. Because of the size of the advertisement, you look to see what is going on.  It will give the date and time of the concert. If you really like the band, you will think about how you can make arrangements to be there. This is another form of advertisement for the band in addition to someone hearing their music on the radio.  This form is very visually appealing. People are attracted to nice looking people and advertising. Once you get them to look, you are almost there. The key is to look and then read what you have placed there. You may not have an immediate sale but at least you have increased the awareness. Posters can be designed to look like a book, business or concert picture. You can design them any way you choose with bold colors or large words. They also come in several sizes to fit the occasion you need them for. They can also be worded to be motivational. You may have employees who do well with motivational words of wisdom. Add them and watch your sales soar. AlphaGraphics Arlington.  Posters & Signage Experts.  

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