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Magnetic Signs Do Their Job: They Attract Customers

By Mark Lee Let’s face it.  We like our cars. They play important roles in our lives – from glorified taxi moving kids to doctor’s appointments and sporting events to boosting our egos as one of our biggest sources of pride.  (I love that high gloss wax and those ultra shiny black tires, don’t you?) For the small business owner, your car can serve yet another purpose – perhaps the most important of all.  It can become a mobile billboard, calling attention to your business, the services you offer and that all-important phone number and website. You’ve seen them.  Cars sporting magnetic signs on both front doors, letting you know that the driver owns a pet care service, a home improvement company, a real estate agency, tutoring or meal delivery service and so much more. When I’m stopped at a traffic light or following them in traffic, I always notice – and admire -- these low-budget advertisers. Sometimes, I need their services and I jot their phone number down or take a picture of their sign with my phone. All that is just to say that magnetic signs work. Magnetic signs are an easy and inexpensive way to convert your vehicle into an effective marketing tool. Instead of spending more money for a permanent vehicle wrap, car magnets get the job done quickly and can be removed easily when you decide to upgrade. With vehicle magnets, your marketing message is exposed to many more potential clients. A survey conducted by the American Trucking Association reports that 91% of people recall the marketing message on a vehicle sign, and up to 75% form an impression of a business based on this message. A study by the Outdoor Advertising Association found the cost of advertising per 1,000 views for mobile vehicles to be $1.90 compared with $3 for billboards, $4.95 for radio and $16.25 for TV. A recent Madison Mobile Media report found the cost to be even lower, showing vehicle graphics cost less than 70 cents per 1,000 impressions. Three main types of signs are commonly used on vehicles, all of which last about five years, sometimes longer, depending on exposure to the elements. The least expensive are magnetic signs that can be placed on the doors or the back of any vehicle. While these types of signs are limited in size, they are quick and easy to use. Anyone can apply them and they can easily be transferred between vehicles. Need a quick, inexpensive shot in the arm for your marketing program.  Try magnetic signs.   AlphaGraphics Arlington.  Magnetic Sign Experts.

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