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Hot Trends Can Lead to New Customers

By Mark Lee One thing you can count on – the promotional products industry will always be ready to spotlight your logo on the hottest trends going. Case in point:  the Fidget Spinner, a low-tech, low-price stress relieving toy, is a huge fad sweeping the country.  You see them everywhere, and stores can’t keep them in stock.  It has been called one of the hottest selling toys in 50 years -- and perfect for a promotional pass-out. In case you’ve been living under a rock, fidget spinners are small, ball-bearing devices that the user can rotate between his or her fingers. Live Science says he momentum of the toy provides a pleasing sensory experience, according to user reviews, while the challenge of tossing, transferring and twirling the spinners has spawned an entire universe of instructional YouTube videos The demand for these devices is coming from children, college students and adults who are looking to the toys to help them release nervous energy or stop fidgeting. News reports say college students specifically are gobbling them up ahead of finals, hoping they will help them focus. Some manufacturers are marketing the products as a study aid that can be helpful for people who suffer from ADHD. With their exploding popularity, advertisers are taking advantage of the opportunity to ride this trend into the homes and dorm rooms of their target demographic. Your professional logo products advisor can help push the fidget spinner into your marketing mix, or makes dozens of other suggestions for an appealing logo product.
Yo-Yos, anyone?
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