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Promotional Items are Powerful Branding Tools

By Mark Lee Promotional items have been called a “physical, tangible representation of your brand in the real world.” Whether for an event, a client thank you gift, or employee recognition, promo items and branded merchandise are powerful branding tools that communicate information about your organization to the world. Cathy Houston of Delta Marketing Group, says before you think about ordering promotional items, you must be intimately familiar with your recipients, whether that’s customers, prospects, employees, or event attendees. She advises to start by thinking about recipients’ demographics, interests, challenges and behaviors. How old are they? What is important to them? What are some things they enjoy or need? The goal is to hand out something your recipients will genuinely like—or maybe even love. There’s little ROI to be found in promotional items if your recipients just add your trinket to a junk drawer rather than make it part of their daily routines. Taking the time to discover what appeals to your audience  is a basic branding rule that applies to every area of your organization. Successful logo items have simple designs. If your artwork has too much going on, chances are it will not look good once printed. Think about some of the most famous brands in history. One thing they all have in common is simplicity in their design. Remember to be consistent. Branding is all about recognition. How can someone remember your brand if it’s constantly changing? When you order promotional items, be consistent in the types of items you order and the designs you use. You may not realize it, but sometimes, promotional items speak louder than words! Branded merchandise and apparel are the perfect mediums for communicating your company’s message.  Be sure that message is clear and that you communicate it consistently. AlphaGraphics Arlington. Promotional Products Experts.

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