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Promotional Items are Mini Billboards

By Mark Lee  – There are many good reasons to include promotional products in your advertising and marketing mix. These items continue to advertise your company, product, service or event long after they are given to an employee, member or client/customer. Promotional items are mini billboards. The more promotional items you get out there, the more likely it is people will see them. This includes people who have no familiarity with you or your business. Choose an item that will not only say something about who you are, but will serve to stimulate conversation. This will not only attract clients to your company but also help them remember you and what you have to offer. Get creative. Many people think of promotional items as being only confined to normal items --pens, calculators, calendars, T-shirts.  Fortunately, the truth is there are literally thousands of different promotional items available. How about stadium seats?  Or a pocket for your iPhone?  You can find almost anything you can imagine from golf ball holders to hand puppets. Think out of the box to find something that cleverly fits your goals and your budget. Get them out there! Your promotional products are there for you to give out, plain and simple. If you have boxes of promotional items collecting dust in your back room, then you are guaranteed to not get the results you are looking for. Your main goal should be to stimulate the question, “Where’d you get that?” When your client has one of your branded promotional items in their hand, it should generate interest on the part of those who see it. This is a prime way for you to get your clients to remember you and even become involved in selling your product for you.   AlphaGraphics Arlington. Promotional Products Experts.

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