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Make Sure Your Signs are Readable

By Mark Lee  – Every sale starts with attracting the customer’s attention.  And signs play a big role in making that all-important first impression that can lead to that first purchase and long-lasting relationship. Are your signs up to par?  Are they doing the job you need for them to do – conveying a quick message that makes your potential customer want to know more? Consider for a moment the speed at which traffic passes by the average business. A motorist has only a few seconds to see and comprehend your sign.  For example, the SBA calculates that on a street with traffic passing at 45 miles per hour, a car that is 500 feet in front of your sign will have only 7.6 seconds to read the sign before it passes under normal driving conditions. Yes, a business sign must be conspicuous if it is to catch in the limited amount of time available. It must also make the point quickly. Digital Sign designer 16:9 says what consumers can see in one glance has everything to do with what they’ll do next. If overwhelmed by input or lack the motivation to process it, their brain will stop taking it in. Exclude unnecessary information. Part of achieving clarity is eliminating distractors. Stick to the main message. If something doesn’t play a significant role, it’s not needed. Here are a few other tips:
  • Your color choice is vital to catch your customer’s eye. Choose something vibrant but tasteful. You don’t want the colors to clash, and the text must be easy to read.
  • The size of your sign is vital. And think about its location. If it’s too small customers won’t know it exists.
  • The text size should be complementary to the sign’s size. The optimal readability will be ten times the size of the text.
  • Your message should be simple and on point. Don’t try to pack too much information on a sign.
Make sure your signs help your customer find you and know what you offer.  Don’t frustrate them with poor signage. AlphaGraphics Arlington. Signage Experts.  

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