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Retractable, Pop-Up Banner is Powerful Marketing Tool for Your Company

By Mark Lee  – One of the most innovative developments in the history of marketing signage is the portable pop-up banner. They have become ubiquitous at trade shows, shopping malls, airports, corporate lobbies and dozens of other locations over the past few years. Before the retractable pop-up banner, marketers were forced to haul bulky signs and over-sized posters from their offices to parking lots, taxicabs and airports to their final destination without damaging the fragile edges or risking eradication of the message in a downpour. And don’t forget the easel. Their lifespan was decidedly short with replacement required every few months after only a few uses. It was hardly cost-effective and definitely frustrating to the business owner. No more. The retractable, pop-up banner has introduced a whole new world of convenience, portability and wow-factor to marketing signage. There are two simple parts: a sturdy, fixed base that conceals and protects the roll-up graphic until it’s ready for to be revealed and a rigid six-to-eight-foot mounting pole that serves as the vertical anchor for the banner while it is on duty. It’s the finest blend of sign and exhibit that’s ever been invented. That’s why marketers love it. One banner is great; two are better; and three are a whole show, demanding your customer’s attention and response. You can choose from a simple and quick single banner message to telling an entire story with three or more banners. And the price is right: Pop-up banners are surprisingly affordable, allowing you to produce several with varied messages targeted to the customer of the moment – whether it’s the mom or dad at the grocery store, the business executive at the airport or that special visitor entering your office for an important meeting. And when your marketing priorities change, your retractable banner messages can change with them – without breaking the bank. Sometimes, we find ourselves nostalgic, yearning for the good old days. We find comfort and meaning in the way it used to be. That’s OK for some things like Grandma’s biscuits. But not when it comes to marketing. Don’t look back. Marketing moves fast like the rest of the world. Look ahead. Keep your eye on opportunities for increased awareness, more powerful messaging and higher sales – all made possible by innovations like the retractable, pop-up banner -- your strong and faithful ally in the never-ending competition for new business.   AlphaGraphics Arlington. Signage Experts.  

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