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Business Signage: What Type of Sign Is Best For My Company?

Business signage possibilities are only limited by the scope of your imagination. Now that seems like a nice sentiment, but the seemingly infinite options make it difficult for business owners and decision-makers to dial in on their options and choose the best signage for their brand. They fear they'll make the wrong choice or find a better solution only after they've invested money in something else. Or maybe they don't think they're creative enough to maximize their signage investment and believe it will limit their ability to stand out. Most notably, many businesses aren't sure how to integrate the right signage into their strategy. Here's the truth: most businesses can benefit from more than one type of sign, depending on the application. Whether you have a physical storefront that needs attention or you're on the road for trade shows and pop up events, it's essential to have relevant signage for all your needs. Great signage allows you to give your customers and prospects the best experience and earn your brand the attention it deserves. Here's an overview of the various types of business signage, their most common uses, and how to choose the best one depending on your needs.


Banners are long, large format signs that are often used for big sale events or trade show displays. These banners are often custom printed on vinyl for durability and the best color. For outdoor use, many businesses opt for a woven polyester mesh banner that can better withstand wind and other elements. At AlphaGraphics, our banners come in two distinct formats. Hanging banners and pop-up retractable banners. Hanging banners anchor to ceilings, walls, fences, or tables, and pop-up retractable banners mount within a stand. Both types of banners are commonly used for events and promotions, mainly to attract attention to a brand. Trade Show Booth and Exhibit Displays If you participate in trade shows or other marketing events, you've probably seen the abundance of signage choices other companies use to market their brand. From hanging signs and banners to exhibit booths and entire walls of graphics, there's no shortage of trade show signage. Custom booth displays are among the most common. These signs are measured and custom printed to seamlessly fit your trade show booth display to make you stand out among a sea of lookalikes. Graphics may cover the front table, the entire back wall of your booth, the floor, or other physical elements in your space. Using vibrant, visually appealing elements like large scale graphics can be an effective way to stop trade show attendees in their tracks and get them to notice you. You only have a few seconds to capture their attention. Therefore it's essential to make a strong impression, especially when you're in the company of hundreds of other vendors competing for the same audience.

Custom Printed Tablecloths

When discussing trade shows and exhibit halls, printed tablecloths are another essential method of signage. Businesses who want to create a consistent brand image also invest in a custom printed tablecloth that will match the overall decor and style of their trade show booth. These tablecloths are made from heavy-duty, washable material in the color of your choice. They feature your business name, logo, or other requested details that will draw attention to your brand. Custom printed tablecloths also make a great option if you cannot take along your pop-up trade show booth or otherwise don't own one. It's an extremely cost-effective option for companies who want to participate in event marketing but don't want to invest thousands of dollars in a booth. You still get major brand brownie points, but don't have nearly as much to carry or set up.

Outdoor Building Signs

When most people think of business signage, outdoor building signs often spring to mind. Companies who have a brick and mortar location need an easy way for customers to find them, so they rely on signs or letters affixed directly to the building to lead the way. Every type of business, from hospitals to hotels to retail stores and offices, can benefit from outdoor building signs. These can take the form of single letters that spell out the company name, or as a single sign with your company name and/or logo printed on it. Backlighting these signs for better nighttime viewing is a great way to ensure you never miss an opportunity to impress. As a rule, your outdoor sign should be a reflection of your brand. It may be the first impression you make on a potential customer, so consider what your sign says about your company and brand: does it look professional? Does it use the same font and colors as your logo? Is it easy to read? If you're not sure about these questions, work with a professional designer to create the right look and feel.

Event Posters

Another example of large format printing, posters are used to promote everything from movies to festivals to concerts and other events. They're one of the most economical forms of business signage, costing as little as a few dollars per print (depending on size and paper options). As a bonus, you have just as many options as to where to display your posters. Depending on the nature of your event, you could partner with local businesses to add your poster to their storefront or other visible location. Promote it at your location, pass out to clients, or even share it in public places like parks, grocery stores, and libraries. Every person who sees your poster will gain an impression of your business along with the event you're hosting.

Floor Graphics

If you want to get creative with your business signage, you might be looking too high. Floor decals and signage are growing in popularity, giving your business and brand an unconventional way to attract interest. And as more consumers have their heads down while browsing their phones, these unique graphics are almost guaranteed to get noticed. Floor graphics are designable in both indoor and outdoor use formats. They are perfect for a single image sign to promote a product or to create an entire walking path of images leading to the location of an event. They're tear-resistant and scuff-resistant, so you don't have to worry about heavy traffic marring your message. And you can get them in full color to draw even more attention to your brand!

Temporary Signs

Not all business signage needs to last a lifetime, so consider the benefits of temporary signage that fits your needs without breaking your budget. For example, if your business is undergoing remodeling construction, you won't need to redirect customer traffic forever. Or if you're having a specific sale or special that's only for a limited time, then there's no need to invest in a high-end sign. You can save money by using temporary signs that will last long enough to get the job done at a price that makes sense for the project.

Vehicle Wraps

More businesses are seeing significant value from full vehicle and fleet wraps. From small mom and pop shops to large corporate enterprises, custom vehicle wraps provide the lowest cost per impression compared to traditional forms of marketing. Think about it: everywhere you travel, people will see your brand and company. For many, this could be their first encounter with your company and may make them want to learn more. As more people start to see you around town, you can begin building familiarity with your brand that will encourage people to do business with you. Also, vehicle wraps can help to build top-of-mind awareness. Maybe someone who's been meaning to call you for months will see your vehicle, and it will remind them that they need to get in touch. Or maybe seeing your wrapped car around town will act as a form of social proof that other people are using your services, making you look more trustworthy in the process. Custom vehicle wraps are relatively inexpensive, especially when compared with other marketing solutions like ongoing billboard advertising. They also continue providing benefits for several years, depending on how well you maintain your vehicle. If you ever decide to change your logo or brand, these wraps can be removed and a new wrap installed.

Dimensional Graphics

Also referred to as 3D signage, dimensional graphics are often displayed inside offices, hotels, or other high traffic areas. These are usually words, symbols, or images with a 3D effect to make them "pop" off the wall. They're sleek and sophisticated, creating a strong impression on anyone who sees it. Many companies choose to use their logo in a dimensional graphic. However, you can get creative and use just about anything you like, such as a map of the world or a local landmark. The quality of these graphics is exceptionally high, which is why a lot of high-end businesses use them to set a professional tone for visitors and clients.

Branded Flags

Large, colorful flags can be an excellent way to draw attention to your business. Outdoor flags can be custom printed with your business name, logo, or other elements. They come in a variety of colors and shapes to create the vibe you want to convey. Many companies use flags to highlight a grand opening, remodel, major sale, or other events that are worth getting noticed. They're easy to assemble and tear down, with no special tools or expertise required. And they're made to withstand outdoor elements, so you don't have to take them down and bring them inside every day.

Yard and Site Signs

There's a good reason why you see yard signs just about everywhere you go - they're highly effective! There are several use cases for yard signs. Particularly in advertising temporary events like store sales, estate sales, and open houses, announcing grand openings, providing direction, and promoting real estate for sale. Many service companies also strategically place yard signs at busy intersections to promote their business. Yard and site signs usually come in two formats: small format and large format. Small-format yard signs are most commonly used in the above cases. Real estate companies may also use them to promote neighborhood developments and lot sales and availability. Construction companies often use large-format signs to promote the development of a commercial building. For example, a multi-sided sign may contain information about the construction company or contractor itself, a bird's eye view of the layout of the future development, and the company's contact information. Although yard signs have been in use for decades, they're currently experiencing a renaissance thanks to integrated marketing options like QR codes. Companies that are using an integrated marketing approach should consider this when designing their campaigns.

Wall Graphics

If you want an easy, inexpensive way to brand the interior of your business, consider adding an attractive wall graphic. Custom wall graphics can be added to any surface and will make your business truly unique. Many companies choose to add their business name or logo. While others may prefer to add words, quotes, or specific images that contribute to their brand. For example, a pizza restaurant may add a large wall graphic of a man making a pizza or even a slice of pizza riding a skateboard. Wall graphics can be temporary or permanent, depending on your goals. At AlphaGraphics, we offer a variety of materials to make your wall graphics pop. These include life-size murals, fabric art graphics, and personalized wallpaper to give your business an environment that no other company can duplicate. Wayfinding Signage Business signage isn't just for branding and marketing. In the case of wayfinding signs, you can create a better customer experience for your visitors or attendees. Everywhere from large office complexes to trade shows to public spaces like parks use signs to help users find restrooms, offices, departments, and other areas of interest. Wayfinding signage may be as simple as a name and a directional arrow, or as comprehensive as an area map that marks specific locations. These signs can be constructed from a number of materials, including wood, aluminum, polystyrene, PVC, acrylic, and more, which gives you the option of using them indoors or outdoors.

Window Clings, Lettering, and Graphics

If your business has a physical location with lots of windows, window signs can help you leverage that real estate and catch the eye of every passerby. It beats bare windows hands down and gives you a productive advertising outlet. Large format graphics can span a single pane of glass or multiple frames as be as permanent or temporary as you prefer. Or, you can opt for vibrant vinyl window clings that can you can apply and remove in seconds. These are ideal when you have specific promotions such as holiday sales or events, or even if you want to jazz up your boring store hours sign. Businesses that are close to each other (e.g., storefronts in a shopping center or downtown area) can use window designs to differentiate themselves from lookalike storefronts. This is an essential factor to consider if you're looking to attract new business. A stunning graphic may be just the thing to attract a new customer's attention and give you the chance to show them why they should do business with you. Regulatory Signage The name itself doesn't incite much excitement. Still, regulatory signs can add significant value to the customer experience and your business at large. These signs may help prevent potential injury or damage, assist with loss prevention, and display important rules or safety regulations for every person's benefit. Examples of these signs may include any of the following:
  • No Smoking or Vaping
  • Service Animals Welcome
  • Theft Detection Devices In Use
  • This Area is Under Surveillance
  • No Running
  • No Cell Phones
  • No Pets Allowed
  • Socks and Shoes Required
  • Employees Must Wash Hands
For signs that are required by law, AlphaGraphics has you covered. We stay up to date on location-specific regulations and create our signs according to these requirements. This way, you can worry less about what each sign entails and focus more on serving your customers. How Will Business Signage Benefit Your Brand? When it comes to choosing the right business signage, there isn't necessarily a single best answer. Your signs will be unique to your business, audience, and goals, and what works for one company might not be right for another. Take your brand to the next level. Let AlphaGraphics help you explore your signage options, compare benefits, and design the best solutions — let's connect today!

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