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Build Customer Connections With Direct Mail

The average customer is bombarded with as many as 10k advertisements a day. And yet, more customers than ever say they want to stay connected to the brands they love and trust. Research shows that 64% of consumers want to engage with brands. Successfully connecting with your customers means meeting them wherever they are, and direct mail provides the perfect opportunity—right at the mailbox.

How Direct Mail Can Build Stronger Customer Connections

Connection is the new currency, with most people agreeing that brands play a role in contributing to society, bringing people together, and using their power to help others. By continually building bridges between your company and customers, your brand can foster deeper connections that go beyond sales, promotions, and top of mind awareness.


Let’s explore direct mail’s role in connecting with customers in meaningful ways.

Create Opportunities for Face-to-Face Time

Strong bonds are often built face to face, not over a piece of paper. But your direct mail campaign can be the very thing that brings your customers back into your store or office. Use campaigns to create opportunities for in-person conversations.


This allows you to build familiarity with your customers, showcase your brand, provide a high level of customer service, and give them a reason to choose you again in the future.

Foster Customer Loyalty

Seven in ten customers will buy more from brands they trust. To foster trust and ongoing loyalty, direct mail can be a cost-effective way to get in front of more people. It’s a low cost per impression, and the more impressions you make, the more recognizable your brand becomes.


What’s more, you can leverage your direct mail campaigns to recruit members to your loyalty program. Give them reasons to do business with you, whether it’s an ongoing discount, points system, membership, or something else that encourages repeat sales.

Create Brand Advocates

When building customer connections via a direct mail campaign, it’s important not to neglect the customers you already have. They already know and trust your brand, and they’re much closer to becoming advocates for your brand to someone who has never heard of you.


Use direct mail to stay connected with existing customers. Send them a special offer, let them know about a new product or service, or offer an incentive for their referrals. Relationships take work, and customer relations is no different. The more you prioritize building connections with existing customers, the more likely they are to become a referral source for you.

Tips for Launching a Direct Mail Campaign that Connects

A successful direct mail campaign includes several key building blocks to ensure you connect with the right people in ways that matter. Keep these tips in mind when launching a direct mail campaign that truly connects with your audience.

Make It Personal

Addressing the person by name is the most basic layer of direct mail personalization. It shows you know who you’re talking to and makes your campaign feel less like a one-size-fits-all approach.


Turn personalization up a notch by matching the right people with the right messaging and offers. When you give them something they care about, they’re more likely to respond.

Stick to One Narrative

Less is more in direct mail. Don’t overwhelm your message by trying to share too much at once. Too many calls-to-action can confuse the recipient and ultimately lead to inaction.


A better approach is to set one goal and design your message and offer around it. This gives your recipient a clear idea of what to do next and keeps them focused on the core message.

Aim for Long-Time Loyalty, Not One-Off Sales

Direct mail can be a great opportunity to boost your revenue in a short time span. But if you’re seeking authentic connections with your customers, it’s best to avoid the short-term sales in favor of a long-term relationship.


Build your messaging around something that will encourage customers to become repeat business. For instance, you might promote a loyalty program or membership, recurring subscriptions, or a free gift with sign-up. Whatever action they take should lead to more conversations and more opportunities to learn about their needs.

Use Codes to Track Response

Adding tracking codes can help you calculate the ROI of your direct mail. These are easy to include and won’t clutter your creative. Plus, you can see the real value that direct mail has delivered.

Get Help with Direct Mail at AlphaGraphics

Need some guidance in designing your direct mail campaign? Consult with our experts at AlphaGraphics and start building customer connections that last!

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