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Yes, You Still Need Business Cards

In this digital era of Facebook, LinkedIn, and mobile communications, sometimes it seems like the traditional business card has gone the way of the VHS, 8-track, cassette, and floppy disk.  But there is still a lot of power in that tiny piece of paper.  Business cards are an easy, tangible way to market yourself and your business, and to make a memorable connection with new clients and contacts.
In this article on Yahoo! Finance,author Elizabeth Blackwell goes into great detail about the value of the modern business card, plus some practical suggestions about what is and is not important to put on your cards, and how to design the cards with your business in mind.Business Card Do's and Don'ts:Don't overcrowd them with information - multiple phone numbers, emails, web addresses, social media links...these can fill up a lot of space very quickly.  Decide what information is most pertinent to the people you're going to be handing out cards to. Don't be afraid of being creative - Business cards are a big part of your brand identity, sometimes the first contact people will have with your business.  You want your cards to reflect what your business is, and a plain card with black text in Times New Roman isn't going to tell them anything.  If creativity isn't your forte, let us help you create a business card you're going to be proud to hand out. Don't go over the top - Creativity is good, but don't get too carried away with your ideas.  Custom ideas like die-cutting or special materials will cost you a lot more, and even thought they might look cool, they don't always add value to your cards on a communication level.  Consider alternatives, like a flat metallic ink instead of a custom foil - these options can save you hundreds of dollars and still look high-end and unique. 8 Questions to ask yourself when designing your Business Cards:
  1. What information do I need to include?
  2. Who am I going to be giving cards to?
  3. Do I want a lot of graphics, or something simple?
  4. What kind of look do I want?  Classic?  Modern?  Edgy? etc.
  5. Do I want any type of special finishing or coating?
  6. Do I need to write on them?
  7. Is there any type of specific paper, color, ink, or process I want to use?
  8. What does this card say about me and my business?  Is that what I want it to say, or am I missing an opportunity to say something different?
Looking to give your business card a make-over? AGCarmel can help you with branding, logo design and printing. Give us a call at 317-844-6629 or send us an email.

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