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AGCarmel Goes Social: On Facebook, Profile ≠ Page

by Jennifer Riley Simone, Marketing Services Specialist, AGCarmel
As we have been meeting with our print clients over the past few months, we have found most of them are very interested in integrating social media into their marketing campaigns. However, many find the prospect of learning a new technology daunting. There are many resources that cover the complexities of social media platforms, but few that explain the basics. Over the next few weeks, we will be posting a series of articles addressing the largest stumbling blocks for those new to this powerful marketing tool, called AGCarmel Goes Social. We will begin with an overview of Facebook, the number one social media platform, then moving to Twitter and LinkedIn, and then finally blogging.

On Facebook, Profile ≠ Page

Most people are familiar with Facebook as a method of connecting with their family and friends - sharing news, common interests and funny pictures. These kinds of interactions are done through a Facebook Profile, which have the following characteristics:
  1. Profiles connect through friend requests.
  2. Profiles have a Wall, where the owner’s activities are posted and viewed by friends.
  3. Profiles allow friends to view, comment on and "like" Wall posts, privately message each other, and Tag each other in posts and pictures.
  4. Profiles are limited to 5000 friends.
  5. Facebook intends Profiles to be PEOPLE, not businesses. It is against Facebook policy to use your profile for commercial gain. How frustrated would you be if, after connecting with your customers, your profile is removed for inappropriate conduct?
A Facebook Page is very different from a Profile. Pages are intended to allow businesses, not-for-profits, celebrities etc., a way to connect with their fans. Fans can also see how other fans interact with the Page.
  1. Unlike Profiles, Pages do not have friends - they have fans, who choose to “like” the Page.
  2. Pages have a Wall where the company's messages are posted.
  3. Fans may view, comment on or “like” Pages Wall posts. Also, fans may post on the Walls of Pages, however Pages are not allowed to post on a fan's Wall.
  4. Pages can have an unlimited number of fans.
  5. Facebook and external developers have come up with powerful apps for Pages, giving businesses creative opportunities to interact with their fans.
  6. Pages can create Facebook ads, promoting their message to targeted Facebook users. Facebook continues to enhance the types of ads that can be created, allowing Pages to take advantage of “social reach” – the ability to connect with the friends of their fans.
Businesses that have a Facebook Profile, rather than a Facebook Page, are not only using Facebook incorrectly, which could lead to Profile removal, they are also not using the full marketing power of this social media platform. For more information on Facebook Pages, and other aspects of social media strategy, please contact Jennifer Riley Simone at, or 317-844-6629. You can also send us a Tweet at @AGCARMEL or post on our Facebook Wall at  

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