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Business is Personal

I refuse to step into a mall during December. I prefer to spend Black Friday and other popular shopping days far away from any retail location. Last week though I felt safe enough from the holiday sales (..and the post holiday sales, the New Year's sales and the post New Year's sales!) to actually venture back. While strolling by the many stores I paused outside of Build-A-Bear. They were gearing up for Valentines Day and already had quite a line. My thoughts: Why are they so popular? The store is always packed and you can't miss all of the heavily branded boxes the kids carry throughout the mall. What makes them so special? It's personal! At Build-A-Bear you don't just buy a stuffed animal, you could get that anywhere. This store caters to their clients likes and dislikes and creates a personal experience that customizes the final product. Their clients may be taking home a bear, but what they really paid for is the experience. Now, not all businesses have the ability to customize their products, but they do have options that allow them to personalize their marketing. Personalized URLs (PURLs) drive customers to a visually appealing web page designed just for them. Variable data allows you to call recipients by name, incorporate personal preferences, and collect data for future communications. These personalized techniques allow you to create an experience for the customer, which boosts engagement and response. We recently incorporated these techniques into a marketing campaign for one of our events and yielded great results.

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