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Trend Spotting - What to watch in 2012

2012 is already shaping up to be an interesting year - assuming we all live past December 21st!  But just in case those Mayans were right, you'll want to make sure you're up with the times so that when the apocalypse happens, you can at least go out in style. Pantone announced their color of the year last month - Tangerine Tango, a lively reddish-orange.  It continues the trend of tropical, floral inspired colors the past few years - honeysuckle (2011), turquoise (2010) and mimosa (2009).  This year's color is luxurious and bright, perfect for a splash of color in your home or wardrobe.  Look for this incredibly versatile color to start popping up just about everywhere! JWT is a marketing communications company that puts out a list every year of their top 100 things to watch, including everything from health and wellness trends to fashion, entertainment, marketing, and technology.  Visit their website and check out the list for this year - some of their predictions might surprise you!  Check out the video below for a quick summary of the top 10 trends for 2012. The list for this year is full of advanced technology and communication tools - but what's interesting is the more we become tech-focused, the more we begin to see trends towards things that are tactile as well - a shift back to things that are handmade or organic. So what do you think?  What are you most excited about for 2012?  What major changes in technology or aesthetics do you think most affects you in a business sense?

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