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From the Design Desk: The Art of Color

What is your favorite color? Anyone who knows me knows that my favorite color is Yellow.  I will go out of my way to buy something or wear something specifically because it is yellow.  I'm not really sure why I like yellow, I don't have a particularly sunny personality, I'm definitely older than five, and I don't live in Oz.  On the whole I'm usually drawn to darker, richer colors, but Yellow is my exception. We all react differently to color.  Color is an integral part of any industry - from fashion to technology, color plays an important role in the design and function of everything we use everyday.There's a whole science behind color and the way we perceive it.  Not to mention the technical aspects of color - the difference between the light spectrum (RGB), ink (CMYK) and pigment (ROYGBIV). Luckily for us, other people have already made it easy to understand and coordinate color.  Pantone is the world leader in color management.  They created the Pantone  Matching System (PMS) as a global means of identifying and matching colors regardless of process - everything from inks to fabric dyes use the Pantone system to create consistent and unified color across a wide range of media. As designers, using the PMS system should be as subconscious as breathing, especially when it comes to designing a brand identity.  It is the easiest way to guarantee consistent color quality, from web to print, regardless of production method.  And if you have any of the Adobe programs, the resources are already readily available too you in the Pantone swatch palettes, or you can download the updated palettes directly from Pantone's website.  Understanding the Pantone system means a lot less headaches for you and your customers when it comes to color issues. Want more Pantone color fun?  How about a custom iPhone case or Mug in your favorite Pantone color?  Curious to know what color best expresses you? Visit to find out what your colors are based on your birth month and day.  (Hey, June's color is golden yellow, maybe that's why I like it so much!).  Or, check out the treasury I created on Etsy of Pantone-color inspired products! So, what is your favorite color?

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