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Mobile Marketing - Two Helpful Tools

The term "snail-mail" was used as early as the 1950's to describe standard postal mail in comparison to more modern methods of communication - like the telegraph.  Nowadays, digital forms of communication like email, text messaging, and Skype have completely changed the way we interact with one another, both on a personal and professional level.  This push towards instant communication is now shaping how businesses operate online. QR Codes, mobile friendly sites, and Apps are important tools every business should be aware of. Customers are no longer just asking their neighbors for recommended restaurants or service referrals, they are reading online reviews via their smartphone. Your online presence is vital to your brand, but mobile technology has created a whole new set of guidelines for businesses who want to reach their customers online. Here is a short breakdown of two of the most effective mobile marketing tools that you'll want to be familiar with: QR Codes: Even if you don't know what a QR code is, chances are you have seen one (the bananas at the grocery store even have them!). They range in size from an inch to a billboard and allow smart phone users to instantly access information, such as a web address or contact information. The most common examples are designed to lead you to a company's website or Facebook page. They are also often used on business cards to instantly download a person's contact details.  But did you know that QR codes can prompt an individual to save the date for an event on their calendar, or perhaps register at a trade show or give away?  They can even generate an automatic text message or email with a pre-determined subject.  There are so many creative uses for these little guys that can really help your business increase your reach. Mobile-Friendly Websites: Now that you're savvy with QR codes, you've created one that directs the consumer to your website. But when they pull the site up on their smart phone, the text is too small to be readable and the menus and links are difficult to access. This happens when your website is not mobile friendly. Most people won't return to a website on their phone if it is hard to navigate. The most effective QR codes are linked to a mobile-friendly website. Mobile-friendly sites are something a lot of business owners overlook. You can create a simplified version of your website, or make specific pages to target promotions, information, or highlighting members of your team. Mobile sites are simple and allow users to quickly access information in a format that is designed for viewing on a mobile screen. Often times it is easier and more cost effective to make changes to a mobile site than to completely revamp your main website. Just like any other tool in your marketing toolbox, mobile marketing needs to be carefully thought out and integrated with the rest of your plan. Don't just start slapping QR codes on everything! AlphaGraphics can help you strategically use mobile marketing to increase your reach, so give us a call today!

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