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AG Carmel Spotlight: Team MammAGraphics - What's in a Name?

We reached our Team MammAGraphics’ goal and couldn’t be happier about it. There were many contributing factors that led us to $15,000 such as our silent auctions, amazing sponsors and perhaps a few bald heads.  But we also produced several print and marketing materials throughout that really shaped our campaign. In the next few issues of our newsletter we are going to breakdown our strategy, how we implemented it and eventually reach our goal. Step  1. The name! When we decided to raise money for Race for the Cure we wanted our team to convey a certain message. As many of you know Rhonda is a 3 year breast cancer survivor. She often attributes her success to its early detection in a routine mammogram. We wanted to emphasize to the community how important these are to women's health. Once we knew what we wanted to focus on, we put on our thinking caps to come up with some names. Everyone participated, although some of them were just for laughs. Eventually we settled on one of Michael's suggestions: MammAGraphics, a play on words between "mammogram" and our name - AlphaGraphics! It was important for us to create an identity for our campaign. We wanted our team name and image to be recognizable around the community and really share our story. We took the position of early detection. We had brand personality by adding that human connection through shaving our heads and dying our hair. We made a promise to donate the money to our cause. Rhonda often shared her story to reiterate to the community the importance of giving back. These are all important factors not just to our campaign but to a company's brand identity. Figuring out who you are and conveying that to the community is a big part of marketing. Whether you are starting a company, re-branding or starting a fundraising campaign, give us a call and we can help you create your own identity!

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